Father of Missing Mother’s Children Asks People to Not Post on Social Media

Hannah Gibbs from Henley is still missing after being last seen at an address in Gainsborough Road, Henley, at about 7.15pm last Sunday (13 October).  A vigil was held at Holy Trinity Church last night.

The father of Hannah Gibbs’ children, Richard Durrant posted the following statement on Facebook on Saturday:

“We understand that many of Hannah’s friends want to help search for her tomorrow and we are very appreciative. Many of you are questioning why the search area is not wider.  The police have a lot of evidence including CCTV footage of Hannah at the river opposite the rowing museum which was where her phone and bag was found. Her coat was found at the weir in Hambleden, therefore we are confident of the search area.

Josh and Jess have been searching all week and I am trying keep them home tomorrow. I’m sure you can all imagine what they are going through, so please could everyone refrain from posting anything on social media. If you are part of the search having spent the week watching the search teams we know there will be lots of false alarms where it looks like they have found something, or they may find her, I do not want my kids hearing anything online.

Thanks for everyone’s help and kind words.”


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