5 Ways to Easily Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

In areas such as Henley, the property market can be really competitive; so if you’re looking to sell it’s important to do all you can to attract buyers. While you may not want to spend a lot of money renovating a house only to sell it, there are ways to upgrade your home and make it stand out on a budget. Here are a few tips to ensure your home is looking its best during viewings.

1. Keep pets out the way

You love your pets, but people who visit your home may not feel the same. It can be off-putting to have a dog jumping up at you or to see cats sleeping on the bed. While nearly half of all UK households have pets, any mess or odours caused by animals is an instant turn-off for buyers. Consider letting your pets stay with a friend or at the kennels when you’re doing viewings and make sure litter trays and dog beds are out of sight.

2. Declutter

It’s nice to be able to personalise your home and fill it with the things you love, yet too many personal items can make a house seem small and claustrophobic. While you don’t want your home to seem bare and empty, you should consider storing a few things away to make spaces feel clearer. Adding some garage shelving units can help make your shed or utility room look much neater too, showing the full potential of the space.

3. Go for a neutral, yet cosy décor

Estate agents will often tell you to make your home look as neutral as possible, and it can certainly help to tone down the colours and make your home appealing to as many people as possible. However, it’s important not to go too far the other way and strip your home of any character or make it feel cold. Look for design inspiration for neutral décor online, using different textures and small amounts of colour to ensure you get a cosy finish.

4. Improve your kerb appeal

Buyers often make decisions within split seconds, so the best time to grab their attention is when they first arrive outside your house. You can improve your kerb appeal by:

  • Painting your front door
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Cutting back bushes
  • Ensuring windows are clean
  • Add some planters to make your garden look well maintained

5. Fix the small things

Whether it’s a leaking tap or a shelf you never put up, everyone has DIY jobs around the house they keep meaning to do. However, any small maintenance issues can make your home look uncared for, meaning that people might wonder if there are bigger problems. Spend a few hours finishing off those annoying little jobs – you’ll feel better for doing it, too!

The property market is competitive, and even small things can make buyers think twice about putting in an offer. Make your home more appealing with a few small changes and you can get the best possible price for your property.