Bridge Lights Turned Off

The Henley Bridge temporary lights have been turned off by Clive Hemsley who installed them in February 2018 after a meeting with an officer from Oxfordshire County Council.

They advised him that a Henley resident had threatened to sue Clive for criminal damage.

Clive said, “I told the officer I’m more concerned about the damage to the underneath of the bridge and making this a priority.  The officer has confirmed that a full portfolio investigation will take place in the next couple of weeks and whilst doing so they will remove the lights.  I agreed to disconnect them.”

Oxfordshire County Council said in May this year that they would support a planning application for permanent lights after a petition created by the Herald got 2400 signatures.  Two weeks ago, Wokingham District Council who have joint responsibility for the bridge, refused the planning application submitted by Clive.  They said, “The proposal includes insufficient information for the Local Planning Authority to properly assess the potential harm to the significance of designated heritage assets.”

Clive has informed us that a new approach is now being taken to obtain planning permission and hopes to be able to share these details soon.  He added, “I’m sad there won’t be any lights up for Christmas but hope to have lights back on the bridge with the support and help of Oxfordshire County Council.”