Spooktacular Pumpkins!

The long running tradition of the Valley Road School Halloween Pumpkin Competition saw some spooktacular entries again this year including a climate change global pumpkin with rubbish inside, a dinosaur egg, a giant strawberry and Cinderella’s coach to name just a few.

Even teacher, Miss Nottage who has just announced her engagement featured with a pumpkin of her and her husband dressed up as a bride and groom.

Cody, aged 7 who created Harry Potter and Hedwig the owl said, “It’s the first time I’ve entered.  I looked on the internet for the idea.  They took me about 2 days to do.”

The pumpkin competition is part of the Halloween themed day on the last day of school before half term which is followed by the Halloween parties in the evening.

Miles from Year 2 created the Cookie Monster said, “I used special paint and gave it 2 layers.  I decided to do it as it looks good and when I take it home I get to eat the cookies!  Miles was going to dress up as the Vampire for the party.

Headteacher, Tim Coulson said, “I’ve decided this year that it wasn’t right to give prizes to just a few children.  It’s not a like a sports race and you can see who won.  Who am I to say who has put the most effort in or who has had a really original creative idea.  So everyone who has taken part will get house points and all the names will be put into a draw and a winner will be picked out and will receive a prize.  The effort is outstanding. Thanks to the PTA for organising the parties again this year.”