Boathouse Restaurant Beams Ahead With New Bistro

Shaun and Gemma Dickens launched their new restaurant Bistro at the Boathouse on Wednesday evening to their special valued customers who got the opportunity first to see the new interior and taste some of the dishes off the new menu.

Shaun opened his original fine dining restaurant in 2013.  He said, “We have never ever stood still as a business.   We’re young, enthusiastic, energetic and we absolutely love feeding people.  It is why I get out bed to cook for people.  We have changed, we have grown, developed and evolved over the last 7 years and you guys have also changed in what you wanted as well.  We have evolved into something that hopefully we get to see you a lot more often than twice a year for special occasions. We love cooking and we have so much fun with it. Nothing has changed, the food is still the same ingredients and suppliers, same methods and same passion. We love creating food that you want to lick your fingers with.”

Guests got to try some delicious burgers, chicken wings with blue cheese dressing and celery, Chicken liver pate with apple chutney and toasted brioche, Mac ‘n cheese and our favourite the 12 Hour braised and glazed beef with roast celeriac, watercress and chips which just melted in the mouth.

Shaun commented, “I have over 250 dishes and finalising the first menu was really tough so the menu is going to be changing nearly every day to include specials.”

The makeover inside has been done with the help of interior upcycling designer, Lynne Lambourne and features old oars repainted that were donated by Hobbs of Henley, woodland nature items, basketry, plants, mirrors, lanterns and straw hats and boaters that have been left behind at the restaurant over the years.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday lunchtime.  The popular heated and lit igloos are back for the winter with a great view of the Thames for breakfast, lunch and evening drinks.

Shaun added, “We have chosen what we are doing with the restaurant – it wasn’t in trouble, it just was right time.  The right time for us in our career and our lives and for you guys too so fingers crossed we have made the right decision.”

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