Community Champion Awards Voting Opens

The nominations are in and it’s time to vote on our six Community Champion awards for 2019.  We’re delighted that we’ve had over 40 nominations in the categories; Charity Champion, Community Champion, Customer Service Champion, Heart of Gold Neighbour, Top Teacher and Young Sporting Superstar. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate.  Please vote for ONE person in EACH award. If you really can’t decide – click this box.  Then hit the VOTE button at the bottom.  You can only vote ONCE.  Voting closes on 30 November at 5pm. The winners will be announced at the Awards Party on Friday 7 February 2020 which is sponsored by Simmons & Sons and Manning UK and will be raising money for Riverside Counselling.

Charity Champion

Sponsored by Phyllis Court Club

Annie Arscott – Royal British Legion

Simply because of the time and effort she puts into the Poppy Appeal.

Hilary Arthur – Riverside Counselling

Riverside Counselling Service has had a long history in Henley. Originally set up as the Henley Counselling Centre in 1989, changing its name to Riverside Counselling Service in 1992. In 2010 Hilary Arthur joined as Director and Clinical Lead and at this point the service was starting to dwindle with only a handful of clients and a couple of counsellors remaining. From the beginning Hilary could see the potential the service had and was committed to establishing a strategy to increase growth to meet increasing local need. The service today is very different from the one Hilary joined in 2010. It now has 52 counsellors seeing over 125 clients per week. It has also expanded from its Henley base to Wallingford, Didcot and Berinsfield. The Space set up in 2014 provides a provision to see young people from the age of 12. For almost a decade Hilary has worked tirelessly to establish Riverside and through Hilary’s vision it has flourished. Hilary has been able to forge strong links with local GP practices and other voluntary agencies as well as building a team of committed professionals so that Riverside can continue to provide affordable counselling to those that need it most.

David Rodger Sharp – Helen & Douglas House & Cancer Research UK

I am lucky enough to be the manager of Helen and Douglas House charity shop in Henley. I would like to nominate David for his kindness, support and help he gives our shop, completely without charge. He always has time for us and our many questions regarding the authenticity and value of our donated items of jewellery. He is an exceptional human being for whom nothing is too much trouble.

David Rodger Sharp, has helped the Henley Cancer Research shop for a while now, donating his time, money and expertise to look at all the watches we get donated, fixing them and checking they are all OK and advising us on prices when needed, all at no cost to us, helping us to maximise the amount of money we can raise to support the research into cancer, which is something that affects us all. Thank you for all your support. 

Norman & Sally Daniells - RNLI

Norman and Sally Daniells have been involved with the Henley branch of the RNLI for 48 years. In that time they and the small team that they led have raised a significant amount of money for the RNLI and have, in 2009, bought a new lifeboat for the Withernsea lifeboat station. They work tirelessly for this cause constantly turning out at events in the market square in all weathers and organising the annual RNLI Boot Fair. Without their continued involvement the local Henley RNLI would have never been able to achieve all that it has done over these many years. They are a credit to the RNLI and to the town of Henley-on-Thames.

They have done 39 years of car boots sales in Henley, countless bank holidays and weekends along the river bank selling things, every May day, selling Christmas cards every week leading up to Christmas, late night shopping and many more events and social occasions. Come rain or shine they are there even now they are in their mid 70's. Their commitment has been unwavering for their chosen charity ever since they got married 52 years ago and it is their way of doing good and being involved with their local community.

David Haddock – The Chiltern Centre

David has consistently raised money for the Chiltern Centre and supported us by becoming a trustee. He thinks of the centre in every aspect of his life to help raise funds.  Through his golfing community he has raised over £15k for the centre.

Tom Potter – The Chiltern Centre

Tom has consistently raised money for the Chiltern Centre over the last few years and thinks of how he can benefit the centre at every opportunity, starting with the joint Henley to Paris bike ride and has continued with many other events. Tom attends our events and encourages others to raise money for us too. 

Richard Rodway

Richard Rodway organises and plans the Living Advent Calendar skilfully. This means him liaising with amateur and professional performers in the months running up to December. He also organises volunteers to take money for raffle tickets, and steward an often large local crowd of adults and children. The event takes place at 24 separate buildings in Henley, this also needs the co-operation of property owners as well. A seasonal snack and drink is also provided by a sponsor at each location as well. The event raises money for a different charity each evening, and is always successful in pulling the crowds and raising cash for worthwhile causes.

Richard does this work with enthusiasm, and in spite of him being a family man with children also chairs Woodley Wanderers football club. He also coaches his eldest son’s U15s team at Bracknell Town FC. 

Richard is modest about his achievements, over the past 5 years, and is planning this year’s event. Each year brings different challenges for him, and sometimes weather or technical problems are more than adequately tackled by him and his helpers. I feel that his work is more than worthy of being recognised by an award as a Charity Champion.

Charity Champion

Community Champion

Sponsored by Philip Booth Esq

Jo Dickson

Jo provides so much to the town, as co chair of Henley Youth Festival she is instrumental in enriching life for young people in Henley. Similarly her role running Henley Youth Choir opens up musical opportunities to all young people locally. More recently she has become pivotal in Henley’s bid to gain accreditation as a plastic free town. And she is supportive of all sorts of other charities, events and activities in town (notably, the Chiltern Centre who she always provides wonderful support to at events). Henley is lucky to have someone who works with such dedication and commitment to improve the town in so many different ways.

Neil Gunnell

I would like to nominate Neil Gunnell for the Henley Community Champion award. Neil spends a huge amount of time and energy as our local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. He basically covers the whole of Wooton Manor, has personally been to see all the residents and make sure as many of them as possible are signed up to the scheme. He liaises directly with the police and keeps the neighbours as informed as possible of the issues which concern all of us. He has also been incredibly involved with the Henley rail users group working with GWR to promote the interests of the thousands of people who commute via train to and from Henley. He has personally gone to Twyford and ridden the trains to help people during the times when the new timetable caused significant confusion. While i don't know all the details of his involvement there will be many Henley commuters who do and who will have benefitted from the work that he has done on their behalf. Neil is a real credit to Henley and totally deserving of this award.

Nick Hunt

Nick has been coaching football in Henley for a few years. He is a truly fantastic coach, always engaging the children in their football, inspiring them to become great footballers and always ensuring the children are having fun. I’ve seen Nick transform children who were lacking in confidence in their ability converted to academy players. He is a gifted coach who is dedicated to developing boys and girls who are as passionate about the sport as he is. Nick is a humble guy who wants to make a difference to children and we are extremely lucky to have him supporting the children of Henley. An award is long overdue for his dedication and commitment to the Henley community.  His dedication to Sacred Heart school organising sports day tournaments and extra school activities has be fantastic and he does it with passion and enthusiasm. A massive credit to the community.

David Rodger Sharp

David Rodger Sharp epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit of Henley while contributing to the town as an extraordinary place to live.  Opening his Jewellers in the last year he has been assisting all charity shops that have approached him for advice.  For our shop at Sue Ryder he (and his members of staff) have taken the time to value various donations of mixed jewellery on numerous occasions, as well as testing unmarked gold. In this way he has directly contributed to improved sales, while saving us valuable time on this process.  He offers half price watch battery replacement to customers with a receipt and continues to donate free merchandise to aid sales – a lockable cabinet being a recent addition.  When we were struggling for extra volunteer help he assisted with an introduction to the local business community to raise awareness at a time of need. Always willing to assist and spend time helping our cause - we consider David to be a friend of Sue Ryder and a true community champion helping local charities.  He would make a worthy winner of this award.

Norman Topsom

Norman's dedication to the Henley and surrounding areas community is amazing, from climbing the St Mary's church steps on a daily basis to wind and correct the clock to his retirement pastime of researching local history and informing everyone of his findings, every now and then he posts wads of information about my family’s past, he knows what it means to me, but to him, it's just a pleasure to help people and put a smile on their faces. Lovely gentleman, and good friend and neighbour.

Keith Whiting

Keith is a pillar of the community and on Xmas day he offers his services to cook a meal for the needy at the Christ Church Centre, even after he has had an incredibly busy run up to the festive season and has probably worked ridiculous hours and Xmas day is probably his first day off in at least 6 weeks, but he is always there with a smile and a helping hand. And all his food is given free of charge. Definitely an asset to the community. 

Community Champion

Heart of Gold Neighbour

Sponsored by Meadow Farm Studio

Sally & Norman Daniells

I would like to nominate my parents for this award because they are very caring of their community. They had a hair Salon in Henley for 35 years and they still visit some of their old clients at Christmas and birthdays even some that are in old people's homes. Every Christmas they spend a couple of days visiting people, taking them flowers etc. and sitting with them for a chat to cheer them up, particularly if they are on their own. If anyone is sick they go and see them, if a friend needs a hand in the garden they go and do it for them, bearing in mind they are in there mid 70's it doesn't seem to slow them down. If a friend or neighbour needs to go to the hospital they take them. My parents do so much for everyone else but never expect anything in return.

Brian Dix

Brian goes out every morning come rain or shine to the One Stop shop to buy the newspaper for several elderly people on the Gainsborough estate. He then delivers said newspaper to these people. I think sometimes he may be the only person they see each day and I think it is just wonderful what he does. He used to walk there but now as he is getting older and the days are getting colder he drives there. Truly an inspiration to us all.

Helen Gaynor

Helen is truly the neighbour of all neighbours, a champion that brings the whole community together. She is the force behind the recent improvements at Northfield End, working with the town council and residents to revitalise the area. Helen is also a key member of Friends of Freemans, a group of over 70 residents committed to maintaining and improving Freemans Meadow in partnership with the town council. Helen keeps everyone connected and consulted. She is a wonderful member of the community and deserves recognition for her commitment and time. 

Heart of Gold Neighbour

Customer Service Champion

Sponsored by Brakspear

Riaan Badenhorst - Lemongrove Gallery

My (just) 5 year old likes to look at the window of Lemongrove Gallery most days as it changes so regularly. The wonderful chap who works there pops out to say hello and ask him what he thinks of the art. Invites him in to look around. Explains the art, the process and the artists to him. He lets him touch the bronzes, and helps him understand how things are made. Despite me clearly telling him I can not buy anything right now he always takes the time to make us feel welcome and I genuinely believe to help my son to begin a genuine passion for art. A credit to the gallery and to Henley.

Liz Felix - Liz Felix Millinery

Liz has so much knowledge and expertise that she is so willing to share. When I have been working on projects she has even offered to be interviewed for nothing in return. Just to share her knowledge.  She offers a range of services and welcomes all customers and definitely going above and beyond for her customers.

Cath Frisby - Whistles

Cath is the store manager of the new Whistles retail store on Bell Street and, as an ex-Retail Operations Manager myself, is someone who epitomises all the qualities of a superbly efficient and successful retail manager. She leads and develops her young team with both experience and enthusiasm. Customer Service is clearly a priority which she delivers in an engaging relaxed efficient and fun style. Every customer is welcome and nothing is too much trouble, the joy of her exceptional customer service lifts everyone’s spirits. She is a natural manager and everything is executed to the highest of standards, which certainly sets the store apart, and is a most welcome addition to the rejuvenation of our retail mix in Henley. Cath has already won a ‘top performing store in the area’ award at Whistles for the performance of the Henley store since opening, a well deserved accolade in these difficult retail times and great recognition of her considerable efforts. Cath, bless her, will also sweep the pavement and wash her own shop front, an aspect I think we wish more of our retail managers tackled with the same regular commitment and enthusiasm! Cath is a true retail pro and if you’ve never visited the store, pop along and see for yourself. 

Peter Hill – Courtneys

I’ve been going to Courtneys for years and have always been very happy with how they managed to keep my old jalopy on the road all these years. More than that though, Peter showed me so much compassion and kindness in the immediate aftermath of Rob’s death and has continued to do so. He’s a kind soul and an excellent mechanic.

Jason Kempston – Sole Man

I need bespoke shoes to to my disability. Jason repaired mine (on a Saturday) in the time it took me to get my haircut. I think he realised I needed them quickly, but just got on with it without a song and a dance.

Vicky Lehaj – Top To Toe
Vicky has given outstanding service at the salon for over 20 years. She is always such a cheerful person and always ready to help. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Vicky has worked at Top to Toe since leaving Henley College approx 20 years ago. She always gives exceptional customer service as nothing is too much trouble for her. No matter how she may feel on any day, she is always in the same mood - positive, happy and encouraging. I am nominating her for this award for her contribution to the positivity of the town in making her clients feel good about themselves after having her treatments!

Lin (Woanru) - Sainsburys

Lin is so lovely. She always has a genuine smile and a kind word to say. Rob and I were always in and out of Sainsbury’s and would enjoy our quick conversations with the lovely Lin, a truly lovely face of Henley.

Laurence Morris – Laurence Menswear

As a regular customer I cannot speak too highly of not only the quality if the clothes Laurence sells, but his personal service and passion for customer satisfaction. I've been able to visit the shop quite often and his range of styles has always been exceptional, and in my size too. Nothing is too much trouble for him or his staff, and he always has a warm welcome for me and my wife. The last time I saw Laurence he picked out an amazing outfit for a local party I had to go to and he managed to get the tailoring done within 24 hrs. If anyone deserves a “customer service award “ then it’s Laurence.

Ant Reineke – Studio 35

Ant is a very knowledgeable and friendly local jeweller. A specialist gemologist, and maker of fine, jewellery. He always strives to make the very best pieces for his customers, going above and beyond to create just what they want. He has worked in Henley for over 20 years, and owned and run Studio 35 for 13 years. He lives in Henley with his wife and 3 children, and can often be seen chatting in his shop.

David Rodger Sharp - David Rodger Sharp Jewellers

What a gem of a jewellers. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the team in the shop to help me with my purchases. They were all so involved and attentive and totally listened to what I wanted. David was very professional and offered great advice on what would suit me and was on trend. A great customer service experience from people to really showed they cared.

David has given advice when I needed a ring to be cleaned, a watch to be serviced & watch batteries changed. When I lost a sentimental pendant off my necklace, David was there offering a free replacement, when the pendant was found. David was able to advise & had it mended with no stress/hassle. David is very honest person who listens to what you have to say.

He epitomises good old fashioned customer service and you feel he is advising you as a friend rather than customer. My wife was so pleased when he took her old gold up to London himself, waited for best price ever and didn’t even charge commission. He has helped many of my friends with service issues from watch manufacturers from which he earns nothing and has cleaned and repaired many old people’s pieces for nothing. Top man!

Janice Stow – Frost Borneo Opticians

Janice has worked at Frost Borneo Opticians for 11 years and is a very popular face at the practice and in Henley-on-Thames. Her customer service skills go above and beyond for Frost Borneo’s patients and her “can-do” attitude makes a positive difference to our patients’ customer experience, helping Frost Borneo win the Opticians award for ‘Independent Practice of the Year’. She is very kind to the elderly, helping them cross the road and walking them to their taxis.

Janice has a bubbly personality, always smiling and helping make patients feel comfortable, keeping the conversation flowing with wonderful experiences of her round the world cruise!

She gives patients wonderful advice when choosing their frames, giving her honest opinion and making the patient’s whole experience more enjoyable. Janice truly is an ambassador for excellence in customer service.

A recent Shoppers Annonymous report gave the following comments about Janice:- “As soon as I entered the shop I felt an instant rapport with Janice as she had such an open demeanour and greeted me in such a warm manner. I felt she wanted to help me and would go out of her way to do so to ensure I was a happy customer.”

Charlotte Sutton – Time for Tea

Fantastic customer service and great attention to detail. Charlotte and her team are a great asset to Henley. They did our flowers, china hire and decorated the Henley Town Hall and the Bull on Bell Street. Charlotte was amazing.  She did an amazing job and nothing was too much trouble.

Had a fabulous day trip on the New Orleans boat with Time for Tea. Staff were all fabulous and had great service all afternoon - would definitely do again.

Charlie always goes that extra mile she prides herself on getting everything just perfect for her clients. She epitomises Henley - quintessentially British high class and quality.

Customer Service Champion

Young Sporting Superstar

Sponsored by IBS Office Solutions

Olivia Belcher - Gymnastics

Olivia started gymnastics aged 2.5, she has shown passion and commitment to the sport ever since, attending regular lessons. In recent years Olivia has attended many competitions and gained various medals due to her hard work and perseverance. She has also been a vital part of displays performed by the club. Olivia is now helping other children enjoy the sport, giving up her time to be a junior coach at Springbox gymnastics club and inspiring the gymnasts to compete and challenge themselves. She is a fantastic role model for the younger children she is supporting, encouraging them and demonstrating moves to help them. She continues to push herself in her own gymnastics journey mastering new skills, including handspring and free cartwheel. Olivia has recently started rowing in Henley and there is no doubt that she will put the same commitment into this sport to succeed also.

Amelia Cooke & James Burgess - Dragon Boating

These two youngsters are an inspiration! They have drive, they have passion and they are fantastic role models to others. They recently achieved bronze for Great Britain at the World championship tournament in Thailand. They are good mentors for not only the paddlers similar in age but also to the older, more experienced crew. They have formed fantastic relationships and promoted well being, fun and fitness through the sport, they are both so eager to encourage other youngsters in to the sport they have offered themselves up as a prize, a visit from them to the winning school, in a competition Henley Dragons are running as part of the Henley Winter Series event.

Francesca Clarke - Cricket

Francesca has always had an eye for a ball - from football skills with Little Kickers aged 2 through to school sports at Trinity School.

Francesca joined Henley Cricket Club U12's girls team and was soon encouraged to trial for Berkshire County U13's, with tutelage and encouragement of Damaris Hayward. In that year Francesca captained the Development team.

Supported by the Berkshire County Cricket Coaches, in the following two seasons she worked hard on her bowling pace and accuracy.

Last season Francesca opened the bowling on several occasions for Berkshire County U15’s whilst still enjoying the Henley Club games where she has scored a number of half-centuries.

During the closed season, cricket training continues with Francesca working towards Berkshire U17 trials in November. During the winter she also plays football with Wargrave Girls Football Club.

Francesca plays Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Football and Tennis for Cranford House School where she is Deputy Sports Captain.

In her free time, she is often seen at the Henley Cricket Club nets practising her bowling.

Francesca always plays sport with passion, dignity and great generosity of spirit and is happy to receive advice and tips on how to improve her technique and game.

Ed Roy

Ed, 17 is a member of Henley Rowing Club’s junior boys squad, has had an outstanding year on the national and international rowing stages.
Domestically, Ed was part of Henley Rowing Club’s boys quad, which won gold in Championship quads at the premier event of National Schools Regatta in May. It went on to reach the final of the Fawley Challenge Cup for boys quads at Henley Royal Regatta, losing narrowly in the final.
Internationally, Ed was determined to gain selection for Great Britain at the World Junior Rowing Championships, being held in 2019 on the new Olympic course in Tokyo. Ed entered the trials process in October 2018, and despite setbacks through injury and illness, he fought through to win GB selection in the junior boys quad.
That crew performed at a high level, narrowly failing to reach the A final, but winning the B final to gain a ranking as 7th fastest boys quad in the world.
In October, Ed was back on the international stage, entering the prestigious Head of The Charles in Boston, Massachusetts. In a quad from Henley Rowing Club, Ed won the youth quad event in a new record time.

Young Sporting Superstar

Top Teacher

Sponsored by Southern Plant & Tool Hire

Cath Davidson – Gillotts School

Again, I would like to nominate Frau Davidson for this award. She is one of those dedicated teachers that goes above and beyond for her students. Not only does she prepare the students for GCSEs, she takes them to Germany so they can experience German culture and history. Prior to exams she works one on one with her students in her own time. She teaches with respect and humour and her students thrive in that as a result.

Rachel Gavin – Sacred Heart

Mrs Gavin goes over and above to ensure every child is made to feel important and special. Nothing is too much trouble. She is an excellent teacher and inspires any child that she teaches. The children adore her and respect her. I feel very lucky to have her teach my daughter.

Has been amazing support for all 3 of my children the oldest now 16. Rachel goes above and beyond to help families and children that are going through a hard time.

Sharon Greenwood - Badgemore

Mrs Greenwood has made such a difference to my sons enjoyment of school. She has worked tirelessly to support him and differentiate work to meet his needs. Her honesty, integrity and gregarious attitude has also helped me to remain positive about the difficulties he has. She is a great and inspiring teacher!

Mrs Greenwood is an exceptional Reception teacher. From the very start of term, she has made families feel welcome by taking the time to visit each family individually in their home before the children started school. As someone with a background in education, I was worried no teacher would live up to the ideals I had hoped for, however I have been so relieved to observe her relaxed yet deliberate and meaningful, child-led approach and the effect that has had on my daughter. I have also been particularly impressed with her (and the whole school’s) openness to progressive ideas, a far cry from the dogma of many teachers and institutions. Thank you, Mrs Greenwood for making our transition to school an easy and enjoyable one.

Luke Harding – Gillotts School

Mr Harding has always gone above and beyond to help people in any way he can. Whether that’s staying late for support meetings, letting us have a rant in his office or giving us some chocolate!

He has helped me grow as a person and learn to enjoy school! School was a struggle so having an anchor and knowing if I needed a chat his office door was always open helped me to feel reassured at school. Mr Harding is a big part of why I stayed in school and helped me to get the most out of my school journey! As well as being a massive support in the transition stage after year 11.
He always sees the best in everyone and works his hardest to help every individual as much as he can! He works really hard as a PE Teacher and as a Head of House!

I really think that he is worthy of this award as it doesn’t matter what’s going on with him he always puts it aside to make time for people or drops what he is doing! He really is the most supportive and caring teacher that I have known!

Caroline Lock – Valley Road School

The most amazing, engaged and incredible teacher at Valley Road School. Mrs Lock is an inspiration, she teaches with passion and from the heart. She makes learning fun and takes every child’s learning needs into account. Strict, fair, dedicated and earns the respect from all of her pupils.

They way she took last year’s children through their SATS was incredible my son went in actually excited to be doing them and fully prepared. She is now helping my Year 6 son admirably with his learning difficulties and dyslexia.

Alison Wilkins – Henley Music School

Alison teaches over 14 autistic children the piano. She is employed by Henley Music School, and currently goes into Bishopswood Special school & Badgemore school. Many autistic children are non-verbal, don't sleep at night and some can lash out at carers and teachers when frustrated. These music lessons with Alison teaching them has proven to improve their attitude to learning, calm them, and help them feel connected. She goes above and beyond for these children, loves her job, as the children love her.

Top Teacher
  1. Simon Donoghue says:

    Neil is an outstanding candidate and most worthy of recognition for his hard work and selfless contributions to the community.

  2. Peter Hager says:

    Riaan is not only a kind generous caring person but an asset to all that have the wonderful privilege of knowing him and have been party to his amazing compassion for others either with young enquiring minds or those less fortunate than him.Ask and he will be there to help and contribute to the society around him.

  3. caroline says:

    Charlotte and the time for tea ladies made my wedding so memorable, enjoyable and fun. People are always referring back to the wonderful tea and time they had.

  4. Laura says:

    David Roger Sharp is amazing. He is so caring and attentive. He goes out of his way to make sure customers have a great experience. He helped me surprise my husband with a special birthday present. The entire family visited the shop and everyone was blown away at the effort he went to to ensure he felt amazing. David suggested filling the window with family photos and it was so beautiful. Definitely deserves to win customer service champion.

  5. Paul Thompson says:

    Lin is fabulous, always has a smile and a kind demeanour. Even during Regatta! She is a terrific asset to Sainsbury and Henley.


    My nomination is for Lin at Sainsburys in Bell Street, I have been visiting the store for several years, always without exception; Lin is not only helpful, however she always meets you with a very warm welcome and how are you today, she does her job without attitude when the store is busy, knows her customers well, she is a real asset to the store and Henley, when she is away on annual leave, its really noticeable that she is not at work, and I like many others look forward to her return, long way Lin work at Sainsburys!

  7. Rachel Smith says:

    My nomination is Lin from Sainsbury on Bell Street. The previous message pretty much says all i wanted to say, i actually look forward to walking into Sainsburys due to Lin beautiful customer service. Her smile, sense of humour and thoughtful actions to so many not only is a credit to that store but a credit to her, she is an inspiration.

  8. mr sheehan says:

    i am voting for lin as she is outstanding in her work for sainsburys always has a smile on her face , fantastic with customer service she deserves a medal .

  9. Gillian Vooght says:

    Janice Stow
    Very pleasant and professional receptionist. Always very cheerful and will go the extra mile for you..

  10. Mrs Marilyn Payne says:

    I support Janice Stow, Frost Borneo, she is an inspiration to receptionists and a help to the clients.

  11. Virginia Myrtle says:

    Charlotte Sutton is an absolute gem! She is more than just helpful to her clients and her staff are also delightful and so charming to the guests, but she is ultra efficient and provides everything one could possibly want or ask for.
    SHE SHOULD DEFINITELY WIN THIS AWARD – and I could not recommend her more and support her nomination wholeheartedly.

  12. Bronwen Coussens says:

    I’m voting for Janice Stow from Frost, Borneo Opticians who is a wonderful warm person who really makes you feel you are the most important customer. She is friendly, positive and very attentive. To be absolutely honest, when she worked for David Tate and sold us our house she was absolutely brilliant, so much so, I had to buy her a bunch of flowers on completion of our purchase. She is an amazing asset to any company she works for!!

  13. Peter Hearn says:

    I have voted for Janice Stow of Frost Borneo Opticians as she always gives everyone a very special welcome.

  14. Henri Chapman says:

    I would like to vote for Janice because she really is a credit to Frost Borneo. She loves her job and it shows. Janice always wants to do whatever she can to help and be happy, cheerful and positive.

    She thoroughly deserves this nomination and I hope she wins

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