Henley Lions Encouraging Senior Residents to Donate Winter Fuel Allowance

Henley Lions is continuing its appeal to local senior citizens to assist with their Winter Fuel Project. Now in its fourth year, the initiative is designed to reduce fuel poverty in the Henley area. The Lions have now helped 33 families (116 adults and children) and 20 individuals who have struggled to pay their fuel bills during the cold months of the year.

This would not have been possible without the generosity and kindness of Henley senior citizens who do not require all of their Government Winter Fuel Payment, and rather it went to someone who is trapped in fuel poverty. Henley Lions are being supported by Citizens Advice Henley and local family charity NOMAD who are identifying recipients and ensuring money donated is being paid directly to the recipients fuel supplier.

David Skinner, President of Henley Lions said, “We are looking at people who are a little uncomfortable receiving the allowance and are looking for something to do with it and using the system of Lions, we can be absolutely sure that every penny they donate gets placed extremely carefully so we need people to think they want to do something. If you see the gratitude of families that have been cold all winter and it takes that away, then hopefully that’s the reason for doing it”.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett is also very supportive of the project. He added, “I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea, if you don’t get the allowance, you’re not going to miss it. It seems to be getting better year on year which shows its successful”. When asked about his own personal donations, The Mayor said, “I may well donate to the Mayor’s relief and convalescence fund which I run and at the end of the year, I donate that money to certain charities”.

Henley Lions are appealing for donations from anyone who wishes to help those undergoing financial problems. Donations can be made online via www.henleylions.org.uk – simply click ‘Donate’ and identify your donation as ‘Winter Fuel Project’. Please complete “Gift Aid’ if possible. You can also donate by cheque or bank transfer. Please email donate@henleylions.org.uk or telephone 0345 833 7387 for more information.

If you know of someone who is in need of help, they should first approach NOMAD or Citizens Advice Henley for help and guidance to ensure they are receiving benefits due to them and assistance in starting to manage debt or in some cases, help to move back into employment.