Charity Race Night Raises Money to Buy New Pony

What better charity to give the profits from a horse Race Night than one that involves riding? Wyfold Riding for Disabled Association were delighted to receive £1300 from the Race Night organised by the Charity Action Group at Phyllis Court Club in September and the money raised was enough to buy a new pony.

Gill Rushworth from Wyfold RDA, was presented with the cheque last week.  She said, “It was surprise to know that we had been chosen for this event.  A small group of us came from the charity and we had a really fun evening. The horses had really funny names – the ones I backed though didn’t win!  The money will be used to buy a pony for children that is suitable for children aged from just 18 months.  We have a number of toddlers that age who have back problems and they start riding bare back (without as saddle) with a trained physiotherapist.”

Members of the CAG were delighted to meet Sweet Pea, the new pony on Friday. She is a 14 year old chestnut mare standing at just 13.1 hands high. Gill added, “She is pretty and very friendly and we are sure that she is going to be a very popular member of our team. With Phyllis Court’s generous donation of £1,300 we have been able to buy her and all her tack, including her saddle and rugs.”

Diana Pearman, Chair of the CAG said, “We have become aware that small local charities are finding it extremely challenging to raise funds at this time. The Charity Action Group decided we would choose to support Wyfold RDA at one event that we held during 2019. It was designated for the Race Night in September which seemed appropriate. We were delighted that £1,300 enabled the RDA charity to purchase Sweet Pea and some of his kit. On our visit to Wyfold we met some of the clients and the volunteers all of whom were delightful. It was a surprise to learn that a horse ride is equal to a week’s worth of physiotherapy for these young people. Consequently we were even more pleased that we were able to raise the funds for such a good cause. And we did so having fun at a Race Night!”