Pubscrawl – New Pub Crawl for Artists!

Henley Pubscrawl is a new free for all, open event where artists can get together for about an hour in four pubs or other venues within walking distance of the centre of Henley.

Ian Pettman who has started this new creative initiative said, “The subject is often one of the artists and we have 10 and 20 minute poses allowing a relaxed reasonable time to order drinks, consume them, draw, chat amongst ourselves and other clientele and then stroll to the next venue. This is the second meeting and we are very happy to welcome new artists of every ability. I am encouraged to say that all the participants in the first meeting are coming to the second.”

The next gathering is this Sunday (17 November) 3:30 to 7:30pm, starting in The Bull on Bell Street, followed by The Argyll at 4.30pm, Hof’s at 5.30pm and ending at the Rowbarge at 6.30pm.

Ian added, “The event is inherently relaxed and we are very happy for anyone to come to 1, 2 , 3 or all 4 of the pubs, arriving anytime and departing anytime. You can use whatever media takes your fancy and we hope to arrange a gathering every 2-3 weeks. The Pubscrawl has been well received by the Pub managers and so we are returning to the majority of venues. We will have a venue rotation to keep the event fresh.”

Further details and pictures are available on Facebook or please contact Ian via FB or email



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