Henley College Students Take Part in Key Report on Bullying

The Henley College students have taken a lead role in the launch of a new report outlining young people’s recommendations for change when it comes to tackling bullying. The report titled ‘Change Starts with Us’ and published by the Anti-Bullying Alliance with support from O2, includes action that they would like to see tech companies, government, media, parents and schools to take to stop bullying.

This week is anti-bullying week with three-quarter of schools in England taking part in activities to educate students about the impact of bullying.  Research from the Anti-Bullying Alliance released for the week finds that 23% of young people in the South East report having been bullied once a week or more raising serious concerns about the safety of our children and young people – both in school, on the way to school, and online.

The Henley College students joined young people from Raw Mentoring in Reading, Kidscape, Young NCB and the Diana Award to put forward their recommendations for change.

Lia Huxtable said: “Working alongside the Anti-Bullying Alliance and other young people for the upcoming anti bullying week was an amazing experience. It allowed me to gauge just how enthusiastic young people our age and below are at ending bullying and helping people through it.”

Assia Alami-Choauni said: “It was a fun and eye-opening experience. I feel that our voice will be heard and meeting up with people from different areas with the same feelings about the subject makes me feel we really will make an impact – not just for ourselves, but for people older and younger than ourselves.”

Emily Foster said: It was good to get our voice heard and to meet other people from different backgrounds. It’s a good cause to unite against.”
Bethany Hayes said: “It was a really inspiring opportunity and it was good to come together for the same cause, with people from different areas. I really believe we will make a difference.”