Have Your Say – Residents Blocking Public Roads

Is it legal for residents to put wheelie bins in front of their homes to stop people parking on a public road?

Recently on a public road off Reading Road residents litter the road with cones, wheelie bins or anything they can find. Surely as we all pay rates this is not legal or acceptable.

The same road has also placed homemade cement cones on the pavements. Do they realise this is dangerous as they are not visible in the dark and an injury waiting to happen. An injury claim would inevitably follow on the resident who placed these in the area.

Whilst everyone has a duty to park with care and consideration they also have the right to park.

Does anyone else have any thoughts? For information I have parked in the same spot for 35 years every day and pay my rates!

Ann Manning

  1. Sharon Cleary says:

    Doubtless it will be those with off road parking who comment the most in this! My comment should simply be that it’s not very considerate to other residents, we all need the opportunity to park. It’s the same annoying thing as residents who park in the middle of a large space so that their partner can park later on! Simply unfair!

  2. Resident of mentioned road says:

    Maybe the residents are getting a bit annoyed of the mentioned road been used as a car park for some town office workers including Ann Manning once this post. Can’t they afford £1 every 3 hours in station car park?? Is it better to block access to the close to fire engines or ambulances like they blocked the bin collection in numerous occasions?? Something to think about.

  3. B K says:

    It is absurd that Henley residents should resort to that, I don’t move my car during the day for fear I can’t get parking close to my house and I have a baby, lugging bags and stroller is annoying up and down a hill. The council should make those roads residents only and workers should park in car parks – their employers can subsidise their parking fees.

  4. ex-resident says:

    I used to live on that road, I remember two things: the same non-resident people parking there and leaving the car all day long and problems with cars blocking the resident’s garage. The council should definitely make this a resident parking only!

  5. John H says:

    Yes this should be made resident only parking, and the money raised from permits can go to a environmental cause to offset the carbon footprint, especially those with multi car households.


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