Thanksgiving Invitation for Henley Americans

Badgemore School will be celebrating Thanksgiving at school next week and they’d love to invite any Americans living in Henley to join them for their celebration lunch on Thursday 28 November.

Headteacher, Tim Hoskins said “One of our reception class families has joined us from New York and the mother approached the school to see if we would be interested in holding a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving Lunch. We could not pass up some a fantastic opportunity to expose our children to a different culture so we jumped at the chance. She was immediately invited to hold a meeting with our head chef where, together, they created a delicious menu. Some of the items would be instantly recognisable to British people: items such as turkey, other would be less recognisable – such as sweet potatoes with a marshmallow topping. We are all excited about the event and would be keen to meet with Americans who have been celebrating this event all their life.”

If you would like to join the Thanksgiving celebrations, please contact the school on 01491 575665 or on email:

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