Poppy Appeal Collector Gets His Hair Cut for the Good Cause

Local resident and Poppy Appeal collector Richard Pinches completed this year’s Poppy Appeal by having his hair cut after not having it cut for over a year and donating the money he would have spent on hair cuts (£100) to the appeal on Armistice Day.

Henley Barber, Ted James in Bell Street took 6 inches off Richard’s hair and after Richard posted the pictures on Facebook he received another £140 in donations. He posted “Already missing the length. #hairlosing #iknowhowsamsonfelt. Richard has collected £3,000 for the Poppy Appeal over 2 years.

Richard is a keen WW2 Desert Rat re-enactor in memory of his father, Peter Pinches who was a Desert Rat who served in North Africa and Europe. He has had a interest in WW2 since childhood, mainly because of his father who frequently told him war stories. Peter was a farmer at Meadows Farm on the Marlow Road and died in 2015.  Richard still lives at Meadows Farm and works there as a videographer.

After his father’s death Richard visited a WW2  in Leicestershire and was hooked after speaking to the re-enactors. Richard said, “Their enthusiasm and passion for the period was contagious.” Soon Richard joined in by creating a WW2 desert display which he travels around the country with. The display has an interactive mine field where children can have a go at detecting mines.  Richard  doesn’t  glorify war but  wants to pass on the history on in memory of those who served. Richard adds, “I enjoy talking to the public especially relatives of other desert veterans, who sadly are generally too frail to attend the shows.”   Richard sometimes takes his family along to the shows, including his partner Liz Howard and his son, Benedict.

If you didn’t manage to donate to the Poppy Appeal this year, you can donate to Richard’s Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal here


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