Henley Army Cadets Return From a Shooting Weekend

Henley Army Cadets have just returned from a weekend away in Bicester. Henley Detachment sent 42 cadets to the weekend, where they undertook Weapons Handling Tests, Shooting, Rifle Drill and First Aid.

The cadets were split into different groups. The senior group were on the range to undertake their 3 Star Shooting Test. The shoot was at 200 metres, the cadets had targets that would pop up and down at different times. It rained for the whole of Saturday, this make it harder to see the target and harder for the cadets to concentrate. At the end of the day all the cadets passed their shoot. Sergeant Jamie Forehand achieved the standard of a first class shot where he received a badge.

Overall Detachment Commander AUO Haynes said “I was extremely pleased that all cadets passed, the shoot is hard and the weather was horrendous.”

Cadet Sergeant Forehand from Henley Detachment said. “The shoot was good fun. I enjoyed it, the targets would go up and down which made it harder than the usual shoots. I’m so pleased I got my first class shot”

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence for 12 to 18 years old, Army Cadets provides a challenging and varied syllabus based on military themes. Henley Army Cadet Force parade every Wednesday from 1900 to 2130 at The Drill Hall on Friday Street and are currently looking for new Cadets and Adult Volunteers, feel free to come along and experience something new.

For more information please email Detachment Commander AUO Mel Haynes on 3360hayn@armymail.mod.uk





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