Christmas Toy Run Launched in Tesco

The Henley Christmas Toy Run was launched on Saturday morning at Tesco by Dave Eggleton and Paula Isaac from the Gainsborough Residents Association.  They were inviting shoppers to donate something for the children who are in Oxford Children’s Hospital.

As well as toys, donations of books, puzzles, DVDs, arts and craft sets, toiletries etc. would all be gratefully received.  Donations of biscuits or chocolates would also be welcome for the hospital staff.  The donation basket will be in store (next to the Customer Service desk) for the next few weeks.

The Toy Run started in 2014. Talking about the experience over the years, Dave said, “We’ve had some children take a present out of the sack and then they have passed it on to another family member and not kept it for themselves.  Even though they are in hospital they give it to someone else.  Our aim is to put a smile on the face of children in hospital.  There was another child who took out all the things from the sack.  He was looking for something (can’t remember what it was) but when he found it right at the bottom of the sack, it made his face light up.  It’s not just about the presents, it’s also about people coming and talking to them and showing them that someone cares.”

Mandy Hoggett from Tesco said, “Each year we love to support the local community.  It’s a great cause.  Dave does a great job and Chloe and I will going to the hospital this year.  Chloe said, “I went 2 years ago and it was really lovely.”

The Toy Run will take place on Saturday 14 December, leaving Henley at around 9.15am and anyone who owns a motorbike and would like to join the run would be really welcome and should call Dave on 07836 202508.

Donations of pre-loved or unwanted gifts that are as good as new are also welcome and can be dropped off at the collection point in the Town Hall.



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