Phyllis Court Club Announces £1m Investment Plan

Phyllis Court Club has announced a £1 Million Investment plan to develop the facilities at the club.

The club now has 3525 members and demand for membership has never been greater and there is a substantial waiting list.  The membership now comprises of a mixture of those who are retired and those who are still of working age.

Stan Ainsley, Chair of Phyllis Court Club said, “The offering to our members who are not in work is excellent, however the members who are in regular employment are not as satisfied. Those who are still in work represent the long-term future of our Club and we must ensure this Club remains enticing to all Members.”

CEO Chris Hogan

“In the first instance, we must ensure the fabric of our fantastic Club House is solid for years to come. A recent building survey revealed that we need to invest £1 million in maintaining the structure, with further investment in modernising our interiors. We also need to invest in additional facilities to satisfy the changing needs of our members and it is this task that we have challenged new CEO, Chris Hogan, with.”

Chris Hogan who took over as CEO in July this year said, “In my role as CEO I am tasked with enhancing, even more, the impressive offering here, especially to engage our community of working Members. It is my intention to make Phyllis Court “a Club for all Members”.

Chris has put forward proposals for a new relaxed bar with no dress code, a business area where members can work and do business and an extension to the clubhouse for use by the growing number of interest groups.  It is hoped that more working members will join the Council who run the Club as the Council meetings will be changed to take place in the evenings and/or weekends.  This will ensure that governance of the Club will represented by all demographics.  The Club will also look at becoming a more family friendly Club by introducing family events such as a family swim times and use of our the tennis courts.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Membership Manager, Jez Schofield, on 01491 570510 or