Two Arrested in Connection With Purse Thefts

After a number of purse thefts around town over the last month, yesterday the Henley Police Neighbourhood team conducted a purse theft operation and detained two suspects who are now in custody.

On keeping your purse/wallet safe, Police advice is:

  • Keep your purse/ wallet out of sight, preferably in a bag securely done up each time you put your purse/wallet back in your bag. If at all possible, wear your bag towards your front where it can be seen rather than behind you where it cannot.
  • Do not put your purse/wallet in a clothing pocket where it may be visible to thieves. Do not leave your handbag on your shopping trolley.
  • Be aware of who is around you and keep your belongings close by. Do not leave belongings unattended.
  • If possible, do not carry more cash than is necessary on your person/ in your purse/wallet.

Police advise to stay vigilant and if you see anyone or anything suspicious let them know by calling 101 or emailing


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  1. Neil Gunnell says:

    These kind of folks are particularly heartless and do significant damage to the confidence of the elderly. Well done to both the police and local citizens in getting these two apprehended. There will be more. Keep aware.


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