Acorn Music Receives Waitrose Community Matters Cheque

On Monday, Waitrose Henley presented a cheque for £309 to Gail Rosier, Artistic Director of Acorn Music Theatre Company.  Acorn is an educational trust, the purpose of which is to further the education of young people in the performing arts, and is one of three charities to benefit from the Henley Partnership’s November Community Matters green tokens.

Acorn is committed to collaborating with the very best practitioners of art, theatre and music and on Monday, their evening performance of ‘The Fairly Grim Tales’, was a reminder of their creativity and imagination. Their workshop performance was based on ‘Ashenputel’, the original (and gruesome) version of Cinderella. The performance was enhanced, as always, by evocative songs and music written and performed by the Acorn Troubadours, including Megan Henwood, Eleanor Whittle and Nikki Neiduszynska.


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