Choir Concert Proceeds Donated to Chiltern Centre

Proceeds from the Aliquando Choir concert in November were presented to The Chiltern Centre last week.

The concert Mendelssohn’s Elijah was held at St Mary’s Church and raised a staggering £3,233.  A cheque was presented by Musical Director Anne Evans to Chiltern Centre Fundraiser, Liz Deacon.  Anne was accompanied by members of the choir, Ela Carr, Anne McDowell and Stan Ainsley.

Anne said, “Mendelssohn’s Elijah is a very big work but we managed it with our small choir.  The concert was very well attended.  The reason that we chose the charity this year is because of the bad press (not from us) about the charity having their Ofsted registration being taken away and they obviously need more help.  It was the obvious choice.”

The Chiltern Centre had their Ofsted registration removed in June after they said, “that the charity were now not “wholly or mainly” looking after children.  The Centre re-opened in July under the Care Quality Commision (CQC) registration and they now look after young adults aged 16+.

Gareth Groves, The Chiltern Centre Manger said, “Thanks to the Aliquando Choir.  It obviously will go towards the large funds that we need to raise every year.  I didn’t think that the amount received was going to be expected to be that high which is really good. As always we welcome our fundraisers doing all the good work that they do for us.”