How To Make Your House Thief-Proof

During the holidays and in general for everyday life, it is important to have a safe home. Many people live in fear that their home may be burgled. A fear not entirely unfounded, at least according to the statistics of the last few years which attest to the exponential growth of micro-criminality, especially in large cities and towns.

Taking out home insurance is important and can help you sleep more peacefully knowing that the contents of your home are protected.  This along with the following security advice will ensure that your home will deter burglars from attempting to break-in.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

There are policies that with a few hundred pounds also cover theft. Often, if you try installing alarm systems and other protection mechanisms, a discount may be available on the premium payable to the insurance company.

It is very important that you purchase comprehensive home insurance from a reliable Irish insurance company which will preferably ensure both your home and the entirety of the other things inside your home.

Time Factor

Keep in mind that to make life impossible for thieves you have to act on the time factor. No dwelling is absolutely impenetrable but if you complicate things by making it possible to extend the time they have to use to tamper with doors and frames. You will be able to discourage them or, in the worst case, you will keep them busy longer. By doing so, it is much easier for someone to notice their attempt and warn the police.

Burglar Proof Fixtures

Focus on burglar-proof fixtures: pallets along the perimeter of the window that connect the doors to the frame, shatterproof glass that can  withstand objects being thrown at it or smashed with a hammer or iron bar. Look at installing handles that can be locked with key locks or with safety buttons; steel safety plates capable of stopping drilling attempts.

Periodically check the security of your home

It is always better to keep in mind that even the safest technology currently on the market may not be the same in a few years. Locks from 20 years ago, now studied in depth by thieves around the world, are easily attacked.

So it is always good to consider that the more technology is common, the higher the risk that gangs of thieves will specialise in their burglary.

Home Automation not only the festive season

Thanks to technological innovations, home automation can be integrated with alarm systems. Therefore, in a single unit it is possible to protect the external perimeter of the house.

Keeping your home safe will mean that you can enjoy the festive season without any worries.  Home insurance not only protects you and your family from burglaries but from other misfortunes.