Children Star in Nativity Plays

Children’s faces light up the stages at schools and churches again this year for the school nativities.  Singing and dancing, there were many stars in the making.

Nativity plays have included ‘Shine Star Shine‘ at Badgemore, “Christmas Carol” at Rupert House, ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’ at Sacred Heart School,”I’m Gonna Shine” at St Mary’s, “Lights Camel Action!” at Trinity School and “Baboushka” at Valley Road School.

Well done to all the teachers who have made these plays so special again this year.

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Hearts were melted by Badgemore’s Laurel class when the reception students performed their nativity play, ‘Shine Star Shine’. The show put a twist on the traditional nativity story, telling the tale of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the star over the stable in Bethlehem. The Big Star, played by Justin, was just too shy to shine, and needed encouragement from his other star friends, played by Kayla, Lottie and Luna. The show, put together by Mrs Greenwood with assistance from year 6 students James and Maggie, featured a number of upbeat musical numbers with dance moves to match. Narrated by the animals in the stable (Raffi, Octavia, Rosie and Hudson), Shine Star Shine was an unbearably cute and original retelling of the birth of Jesus.

Rupert House School

Rupert House School Year 2 students performed a heart-warming version of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. Directed by their teachers, Miss Gibbons and Miss Waters, the play about the value of kindness featured some inspiring performances, and even a dance sequence. Louis played a wonderfully convincing Ebenezer Scrooge, miserly and mean until he realised the error of his ways. The show was set to a soundtrack of Christmas songs, with piano interludes of well-known festive hits between scenes. The Year 2’s also sang ‘God Bless Us Everyone’, ‘Good King Wenceslas’, and ‘It Feels Like Christmas’ from The Muppet’s Christmas Carol, before finishing their play with yuletide favourite, ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart Primary School put on an ambitious Christmas play this year, involving every year group into one big show. ‘The Magical Christmas Jigsaw’ featured 170 children, all the way from Reception up to Year 6. As the name would suggest, the play was a puzzle of different Christmas stories, telling the familiar traditional Christmas tales alongside some more modern narratives. Jessica Fox, 6, and Winston Lambert, 7, played Mary and Joseph in the nativity scenes, which also focused on the mice and the chickens in the Bethlehem stable. The more unusual scenes featured Roman soldiers, and the year 6 students played 21st century people for a present day perspective on Christmas. With musical numbers interspersed throughout, the Sacred Heart show was an impressive production which reminded audiences of the many aspects of Christmas.

Sacred Heart Pre-School

Sacred Heart Pre-School proved that you’re never too young for the stage with their end of term Christmas concert. The tiny children put on a charming show of Christmas songs, many of them nursery rhymes with a festive rewrite. ‘Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star’, ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney’, ‘The Reindeer Hokey’, and ‘Jingle Bells’ were enthusiastically belted out by the children, who had learnt dance moves and actions to go with the songs. They ended on the classic Christmas finale, ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’, after which the lucky little stars were visited by Santa Claus himself!

St Mary’s School

Gloria, the brightest star in all of heaven was the leading part in St Mary’s School nativity, I’m Gonna Shine.  Gloria takes centre stage on a tricky journey to Bethlehem as she lights the way for the three wise men. As Mary, Joseph and the shepherds also make the long journey, they meet Gabriel, the other angels and an angry King Herod.


Trinity Primary School took up residence in the Holy Trinity Church once again for this year’s nativity play, ‘Lights Camel Action!’ 90 children, from three year 1 and 2 classes, put on the spectacular Strictly-inspired play which was become so popular amongst schools in recent years. The show puts a talent show spin on the classic nativity story, with the main groups of characters performing their own song and dance numbers in front of a judging panel. Songs included ‘The Inn Keeper’s Tango’, ‘Camel Funk’, ‘Hey Shepherd Hey’, and ‘Disco Stars’. Mrs Evans, Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Wang were the team behind the performance, rehearsing for around 3 weeks before the big day. They gave a big thank you to Rev. Duncan Carter for allowing them use the church and cover it with hay!

Valley Road

This year’s Nativity play for Key Stage 1 at Valley Road was based on a traditional folk tale, Baboushka which tells the story of Baboushka, a Russian woman who hears the news of the birth of Jesus – but at first refuses to listen and is very keen on keeping her house clean and tidy.  Baboushka played by Year 2 pupil Daisy Pace brilliantly who sang a beautiful solo.  The costumes for the bugs and animals were really creative and really added to the whole performance.  All the children sang and danced in turn to the upbeat songs.  We particularly liked the Angel Conga!