Highly Strung Rock Henley Rugby Club for Door 22 of Living Advent Calendar

Door 22 of Henley’s Living Advent Calendar was opened by six-piece band Highly Strung in front of a packed Henley Rugby Club.

Living Advent Calendar was partnered with Niki Schafer Interior Design and was raising funds for YMCA Henley.

Rosemary Duckett, Chair of YMCA Henley spoke to the crowd about their project. Rosemary said, “We have 31 studios in Henley who support those up to the age of 25 and they can stay there for a maximum of 5 years. They get encouragement from us to help them get back into education and into a job.”

Highly Strung kickstarted the evening with some classics including Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannan” and Amy Macdonald’s “This Is The Life”. The crowd was in great spirits and sang their way through the opening songs. Highly Strung then played “Teach Your Children” for the first time as a band before a classic rendition of “California Dreamin’”.

The band continued to keep the hits rolling and after the crowd had finished and clapping. Ian Desmond, lead singer of Highly Strung said, “That was a great night with the band and a chance to perform some new songs to you all. We love playing, what a night!.”

Richard Rodway opened the floor to a raffle including 12 prizes and showed his gratitude to Day 22 sponsor Niki Schafer, who as chair of the Henley Business Partnership they helped fund and create the Living Advent Calendar 9 years ago.

Only 2 doors are now left to be opened and Day 23 will see the Living Advent Calendar head to the H Café, Town Square at 6.15pm tonight.