Have Your Say on the Town Bus Service

Henley Town Council would like residents’ views on the town bus service and are asking people to complete a survey whether they use the service or not.

The Connect Henley Town bus service, run by Reading Buses, has been in operation since August 2018. Three routes operate, providing a vital link to the community, connecting residential areas with the town centre, Townlands Hospital, the Station and Tesco. The service runs from 7am to around 6pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. As well as the designated bus stops, the buses operate a Hail and Ride system, enabling passengers to hail the bus anywhere along its route, as well as hop off, assuming it is a safe location.

The smart green buses are environmentally friendly, using clean energy as they run on natural gas. This produces less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or particles than conventional diesel buses, helping to keep pollution levels down in the town centre.

All buses are cleaned internally and externally every day, providing a pleasant travel experience. There is free Wi-Fi and USB charging provided on board. Additionally, the buses are wheelchair accessible, with a ramp and designated wheelchair space on board.

Passengers can track the progress of the bus or see when the next bus is due on the Reading Buses website or smartphone app. This would let you wait at home, spend time shopping or have longer to spend in a coffee shop before hopping on the bus.

Henley Town Council realises that this bus is a lifeline for many members of our community, many of whom would potentially be house bound and would not have access to our wonderful town. The bus also provides a social focus for residents to chat on the bus routes, alleviating loneliness.

Kate Marchant, Projects Officer from Henley Town Council said “Following passenger feedback from our on-bus survey conducted last January 2019, a new Saturday service was launched in March 2019. We are doing a review again this year to ensure we are continuing to provide the best possible service we can to our community.”

“We have created two surveys to work with residents, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have their say. One survey is for bus users, and the other is for non-bus users, to see how we could encourage more people to use the bus and to find out what improvements could be made.”

“We have had a brilliant response from the community so far, and would like to thank everyone for completing your surveys. We value your opinions, and would love to hear from as many people as possible to ensure that our research represents all sectors of our community.”

To complete the survey go to https://www.henleytowncouncil.gov.uk. Alternatively, paper copies are available from the bus driver or at the Henley Information Office. The surveys are open until Friday 17 January 2020, and the results will be published in February 2020.

For the current bus service timetable click here

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