Off Peak Rail Ticket Validity

Following recent changes we thought it may be useful to clarify revised off peak rail ticket arrangements in and out of London.

Since the start of January the old ‘arrive after 10am’ rule for off peak travel between Reading and London has changed, and is now ‘board after 0930’.  This is because Transport for London contactless systems installed for TfL Rail trains are hard coded around an 0930 off-peak start.  As a result the 0909 and 0915 trains from Twyford now require peak tickets.   Branch line users who use the 0911 service from Henley will see that our connection leaves Twyford at 0928.  However, local rail user community Henley Trains have obtained an exception for us since all other stops on that service are post-0930.  By doing that they have saved locals from further delay.  The 0928 service from Twyford arrives in Paddington at 1017.

Off-peak ticket holders should note that their tickets are no longer valid on the fast 1650, 1719, 1751 and 1820 connecting trains home, nor the 1708 or 1807 non-stops to Twyford.  The shortest journey alternatives are all stops TfL Rail services, but for those who prefer seats, tables, power, hat racks, toilets and rubbish bins Henley Trains highlight the 1727 (change at Maidenhead), 1756 and 1826 GWR services to Twyford, which are first stop Slough.

And one last reminder, children under 12 go free on TfL Rail services (under 5s on GWR).  Fines are £80 on Tfl Rail services (£20 on GWR).

As the most engaged local rail community group, Henley Trains have a table detailing the timetable options –

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  1. TheLazyPolitiican says:

    I love that this article is accompanied by a pic of a train we simply cant catch from Henley. A nice reminder that we missed out on electric trains, and therefore direct services to London, in order to protect the interests of a few landowners along the line from Twyford. Well done to our MP who campaigned the previous election on improving our train services.

    • Neil Gunnell says:

      The photo is of a Tfl Rail train. They now run half of the slow line services from Twyford now, and TfL changes were exactly what the article is about. You can see one every half hour in each direction at Twyford, and more in the peak (but most would prefer GWR trains with more seats). Travellers to and from Henley have more branch line, and more fast services than we used to have, albeit via connections.

  2. Reggie van Oldst says:

    Difficult to understand from this article. Appears to be useful info, but can it be written in simple way? What are the hours for off-peak from Henley?

    • Neil Gunnell says:

      Unfortunately it isn’t that simple.

      The first weekday off peak train to London from Henley is at 0911. Change at Twyford onto the 0928 train. This should technically be a peak train now because it is before 0930 but we obtained a dispensation.

      Coming home those on off peak ticket can no longer take the fast connecting trains around 1650, 1720, 1750 and/or 1820, nor the non stop to Twyford 1708 and 1807.

      You can take any train from 1849 onwards.

      In between, you can take the slow trains, which in the evening peak are largely Crossrail trains and will be full of west London commuters. We predict you won’t like them much so we highlighted the allowable GWR alternatives which are non stop to Slough. See the table behind the link.

      I hope that helps. Neil, for Henley Trains


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