Introducing our Sponsors ManningUK for All Your Insurance Needs

ManningUK is a general insurance broker based in Henley with over 35 years experience and is one of our very kind community-minded sponsors who help fund the running of the Henley Herald website.  Headed up by Ann Manning, Ann and her team offer insurance for all your requirements and give a personal service unlike those comparison websites!   They will be publishing a series of insurance help and advice articles over the coming months. Please see below a sample of what they offer:

1. Commercial insurance
2. Automotive insurance
3. Home insurance

The Commercial Team offer insurance for your business. Whether you are a sole trader or you own a large company here is why you need insurance:

If you work for yourself you need business insurance to give you the same protection as if you were employed and this also applies if you work from home.
Insurance provides financial protection for businesses!! If your business was sued it could cost you millions or leave you bankrupt!!

Types of cover:

Public liability: covers your legal costs if a third party is injured or dies, or their property is damaged as a result of your business activities. It covers you whilst you are out in public and if you have clients visiting your business premises.

Employers liability: provides cover if your staff are injured or die while they are doing work for your business and you are found to be negligent. !! As an employer you have a duty of care to keep your employees safe while they are at work by giving them correct training, proper tools and safety equipment. If you breach this duty of care you may be negligent and your employee could sue!!

Professional indemnity: if you run a business that offers advice to customers for a fee you will need professional indemnity insurance. This will cover the cost of damages if a client has lost money after following your advice. It also covers mistakes and negligence.

Tools cover: if you are a tradesman, this can provide you with cover for your tools and equipment if they are stolen and whilst left in a vehicle overnight.

Commercial property: if you own your business premises you will need to insure the buildings and its contents or if you lease the building you will need to insure the contents. Cover for fire, flood, storm, theft, accidental damage, personal property is available.

Commercial vehicle: if you are a sole trader or business with a fleet of vehicles and use cars, vans or other vehicles in connection with your business, you are legally required to have at least third party motor insurance.

Contract works : this insurance is for builders and tradesman that covers any work you have started on a site. Cover includes labour costs, materials and tools.

Business interruption: this covers any loss of profits due to insured property damage at your place of work e.g. If you are unable to open your business due to flood or fire.

Cyber insurance: this insurance can cover you if your business experiences a data breach or hack and your computer systems are affected.

An example of the personal service you receive from ManningUK is… Ann saw a notice on the shop door at Liz Felix Millinery on the Reading Road (a client) in November to say that the shop was closed due to flooding and on returning to the office, called Liz to see if there was anything she could help with.  Liz’s response was, “That’s real personal service.”

The Automotive Team offer you a highly informed and personal insurance service because they know the pride and pleasure you have for your vehicle. Whether it is a McLaren, Porsche, TVR, BMW, Lotus we can offer cover under our specific scheme which includes track day cover. Or a regular run around vehicle the team will find the best insurance cover for your requirements.

Home Insurance

If you own a property you live in, rent one or have a property portfolio of rental properties an insurance policy to cover fire, storm, flood, subsidence, burst pipes, theft and falling trees is recommended.

ManningUK would be delighted to meet you in person to discuss any insurance requirement or answer any questions you may have regarding insurance and the office is open every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 noon. Alternatively, please feel free to email or call for a quotation.

Commercial – Karen Sewell 01491 579759 extension 204 email
Household – Jack Scrivener 0149 1578759 extension 209 email
Automotive – Oliver Baboolal 01491 578759 extension 213 email


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