Resurfacing to Restart on Peppard Lane Bridleway

Resurfacing work on the Peppard Lane Bridleway (from Gillotts Lane corner down behind Makins Road, Blandy Road to Peppard Lane) is due to restart next Monday 27 January with a new flexible porous surface material being laid.

The original work was stopped before it was due to start in October when tarmac was due to be laid by Oxfordshire County Council contractors.  Residents were very concerned that this would destroy the natural pathway and they complained to Henley Town Council and asked why there wasn’t a public consultation.  The British Horse Society were then also asked for their opinion on the tarmac surface.

This work was part of the planning obligations on the Highlands Park development. Other obligations were traffic calming measures along Gillotts Lane in the form of three priority build-outs (to be completed), extension of pavements from the development along Greys Road and improvements along the route to Valley Road Primary School in the form of resurfacing and the installation of dropped kerbs (completed).

County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak said, “We have had over 20 representations and the consensus was NO to tarmac and yes the Flexipave solution is better. The surface is resin bounded with stone chips. It will follow the contours of the path and is porous so that the rain can seep through. It is put onto the surface so that the roots of trees are not affected. I think that this is a good solution and it provides a surface for horses, cyclists and walkers. There will be no widening of the path and no trees will be removed.  When finished it will provide a good walking and cycling route to the Tesco’s end of town and the river via Mill Lane. This path in places is very muddy so it will enable all and Gillotts school children to walk along this path. It will also mean that it is more accessible to all members of our community.”

There will be lockable bollards on the route to deter cars and the work is due to complete by 6 March.

The colour of the surface will be Stone Age Bronze (photo below).  This was the closest to the dirt brown colour and should blend into the environment.

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  1. TheLazyPolitician says:

    The last segment from Harpsden Road past the YMCA needs doing as well. The amount of broken glass, porcelain and the odd nail on the surface of fill that was put in after it was dug up for pipelaying is alarming.


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