Love of Flowers Inspires New Bouquet Pressing Business

A bride’s bouquet is one of the most important things when a bride is planning her big day.  A lot of thought and money goes into choosing the right wedding bouquet but then most are thrown away after the flowers die.  Henley resident, Janine Stevens made presents for friends by pressing and framing their wedding bouquets 30 years ago and last summer she created another for her nephew’s wife after which the idea for her new business Pressed Bouquets of Henley then came to her.

Janine explains, “It all began in my 20s. When my friends were getting married I developed a small hobby for pressing their flowers, preserving their wedding bouquets. Now 30 years later I am rediscovering my love of flowers by pressing and preserving them. With the internet, packaging and framing being so much easier now along with my joy of giving to people means that I can offer brides something unique to keep from their special day.”

Janine offers a bespoke personal design service which can include not only the flowers from the bouquet but other special mementos – parts of the wedding invitation, order of service, menu, confetti, ribbons, place settings, photos and sketches.

Janine added, “I take great care in taking apart the bouquet, pressing them and then creating the intricate finished design.   I try and replicate the original bouquet as much as possible and work with the bride to make something really special. The feedback from the first customers has been tremendous. Many have commented it is such a lovely memory of their day.”

The service includes collection of the bouquet in person (10 mile radius) or by courier and delivered back personally or by courier.  Prices start from £185.

Lost a loved one and would like to create a special memory frame? Janine can also press the flowers from funeral wreaths with again a photo, order of service or special memento etc.

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