Men Hurt in Attempted Muggings

Update 14 February 2020

Thames Valley Police received reports of robbery which took place in Greys Road and Vicarage Road, in Henley-On-Thames, between 5.55pm and 6.30pm on Wednesday (12/2).

There have been two arrests in connection with these incidents.

A 15-year-old boy from Henley-On-Thames has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.

A 17-year-old boy from Wallingford has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Both have been bailed until 11 March.


Last night (Wednesday) between 5.15pm-5.30pm four masked youths attempted to rob two men in Greys Hill/Church Street near Trinity church and another young man on St Andrews Road outside St Mary’s School who ran up Singers Lane to get away.  A post on Facebook shortly afterwards said, “One approaches from the front and 3 others came from behind you.”

The first gentleman in Church Street was barged into a wall by a very tall black guy (taller than 6ft 2) who said he knew him. He was then in his face.  The gentlemen then  pushed him away equally aggressively and shouted as loudly as he could to draw attention, the youths then backed off.

Another gentleman who had come off the train was approached in Holly Cottage Lane, just past the church.  The offenders grabbed his rucksack and asked him to give them their money. He was punched and kicked and received a broken nose, a lump on his head and a cut at the back of his head.  He managed to get to the Saracens Head pub where he was comforted by Landlady, Mel Roberson and received first aid by Carly Belcher-Hughes before the ambulance and police arrived.

The police were quickly in the area with five police cars tracking down the suspects between Tesco, Vicarage Road, St Andrews, Western Avenue and caught in Harpsden Road.

Another gentleman posted on Facebook that they had tried to mug him outside the station at 7pm but he managed to run away.

On Friday (7 February) a young man was mugged on an alley leading to St Andrews Road and another on Greys Road around 5.30pm.

Last night Thames Valley Police posted at 7.30pm last night, “We are aware of reports of 2 robberies in Henley on Thames. Officers remain on scene conducting enquiries, 2 males have been arrested on suspicion of robbery. If you have any information, photographs or videos please call 101 quoting URN 1103 12/02/20


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