No Idling Outside Shiplake School

Clean Air for Henley visited Shiplake CE Primary School recently where they received a warm welcome and they were pleased to hear about the school Eco-Council that has been created.

Following a short briefing on air pollution and the role of transport in pollution to a whole assembly, Year 5 then had the pleasure of playing Snakes and Ladders on a special mat in their hall as well as doing a few provided and focussed crosswords.

Clean Air launched their ‘No idling’ campaign last year and visited other primary schools in the area.  They have put up banners outside schools and car parks in Henley to get the message out there.

David Dickie said, “At the end of day, we met parents at the school gates and gave out pamphlets and car stickers to a most enthusiastic set of children and their parents. Most noticeable to us was that we observed no parent or bus driver with an engine idling at the School gates. Well done Shiplake!”