More Affordable Solar Panels Offered Under New Solar Streets Climate Change Initiative

Henley Town Council in partnership with IDDEA are launching a new Solar Streets initiative to help residents be more energy efficient and to help communities become carbon neutral by 2030.

Solar Streets is a community and local council partnership to deliver quality low cost solar pv installations to whole communities.  The scheme is delivered through community bulk purchasing, condensed installations which means less travel time between jobs.  Under the scheme, a 14 panel 4kW installation will cost £4,000.

Henley Town Council have declared a Climate Emergency at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday (19 February) and this is part of their remit to be proactive and help residents be better informed about energy efficiency, take control of their energy bills, and to fight climate change.

IDDEA are running two information events for residents on 27 February at 12.30 and 7.00pm in Henley Town Hall.  Attendees can learn more about the scheme through a presentation and Q&A session.  They will be offering free no obligation surveys.

Rebecca Chandler-Wilde who is part of the Henley Town Council’s Climate Emergency Working Group, had 14 solar panels fitted to her house in 2011 which cost £13,000 when the Government was offering a feed-in tariff, a payment for supplying any surplus energy back into the main grid.  With the money given back from her energy supplier and the savings on energy bills, the system has paid for itself last year.

The Feed-in-Tarriff (FIT) was replaced by Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff in January 2020.  The main difference between the two tarriffs is the payment rates for  FIT were set by Ofgem and the government and were the same regardless of which supplier paid you. SEG tariff rates are set by the energy companies which offer them.

As part of the partnership, IDDEA will donate £50 per installation to a community renewable energy project.  For more details go to



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