New Bollards Fitted as First Part of Henley Promenade Renovation

The ‘Henley Promenade’ as some now call it along the river on Thameside has had the first part of its renovation completed with 27 new bollards being fitted and 53 existing ones repainted in the Henley Town Council’s green livery.

The new bollards will stop people parking on the pavement which was a regular occurrence and meant that walkers had to go out into the road to get past, particularly those with pushchairs or wheelchairs (see photo below).

The new bollards have cost £9K which has come from the Henley Town Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) given to the Council by housing developers.

This week County Councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak has confirmed that the pavement will be resurfaced by Oxfordshire County Council in May to complete the works and to make it safe and secure for walkers.

It is nearly 2 years ago since a serious accident which saw Philipp Warner who is in a wheelchair fall into the river due to his wheelchair getting stuck in the large and deep ruts in the pavement.  The Herald has been campaigning ever since for the this work to be completed before another serious accident occurred.


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