Municipal Charities Award Educational Grants for Mental Health & Wellbeing

Three primary schools in Henley were delighted to be awarded and presented cheques from the trustees of the Henley Municipal Charities yesterday for educational grants to  support mental health and well being of children.

Trustees, Charlotte Miles-Kingston, George Thomas and Reverend Jeremy Tayler presented the cheques at Valley Road School.  Sacred Heart School and Trinity School were presented with £250 towards immersion days and wellbeing weeks and Valley Road were presented with £2,500 towards the redevelopment of a condemned outside play area.

Charlotte said, “Within the Municipal Charities, there are five different charities who support residents and children for all the generations in Henley and the surrounding areas.  I’m here today for the educational charity and we decided we’d really like to support your fantastic new play area project which I understand is planned to be installed very soon. We are absolutely delighted, this year to be supporting the wellbeing, physical and emotional well being of the children in Henley.  It makes us tingle, so that’s really lovely.”

Before the cheques were presented in the assembly, Valley Road Headteacher Tim Coulson said, “We have so many people outside of schools who want to get involve and make the schools in Henley as good as they possibly can with their generosity. We would never be able to offer what we are going to be able to offer without your support and we really appreciate it.”

The new play area that is planned to be installed in the Easter holidays will see equipment made of natural wood and will include a fallen tree to climb on, a tunnel and a slide and other equipment will include recycled materials.

After presenting the cheques to Sabrina McMann, Deputy Head of Trinity School and Head of Sacred Heart, Rachel Gavin, Sabrina said, “The money is extremely valuable and next week we are running a Wellbeing week at school and the money gifted to us by the charity is being specifically spent on yoga sessions for the children from Reception to Year 6.  This is part of giving them an opportunity of being mindful and looking after themselves.”

Rachel said, “We asked the kids what they wanted more of and they said science experiments so as part of Science Week we are having a full immersion day of science.  The money will be used for equipment and resources to run this day which is great.”

The grants are made possible from investment income received by the Charities. On this occasion grants have been awarded to schools, however the Charities can also award grants to individuals of limited means who need help with their education from primary school to university or other educational establishments including apprenticeships.

Financial assistance can be granted in a variety of ways including clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist such persons to pursue their education (including the study of music and other arts), to undertake travel in furtherance thereof, or to prepare for or enter a profession, trade, occupation or service on leaving school, university, or other educational establishment.

If you are an individual and wish to apply or seek further information please contact the Charities office at or call 01491 412360 requesting an application form.