Man Captured on Camera Phone After Attempted Vehicle Break-ins

A Henley resident was parked in Squires Yard (behind White Gdn florist) off Hart Street yesterday (Tuesday 3 March) at 13.00 when a man tried to open the driver door of her car.

The resident caught him and  shouted abuse at him before he left in the direction of St Mary’s church.  She said, “Afterwards, I was contacted by a friend who sent me a video of a person matching the size and build tampering with cars on the Highlands Park in the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

Today (Wednesday) at 10am the resident saw the same man on the Reading Road.  The lady added, “He was wearing the same distinctive clothing and I recognised him instantly. I stopped my car and approached him to take a photo of his face. The photo has been sent to a friend of mine on the neighbourhood police team who has identified him.”

This is the second spate of attempted thefts from cars in recent months.  The first was last December when a series of cars were attempted to be broken into.  Paul Thatcher, aged 43, of no fixed abode was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail after he was charged with five offences between 13 January and 21 January at various locations in Reading, and the sixth offence in in the early hours on 10 December last year outside The Saracens Head public house in Henley. The offences involved vehicles being broken into and items being stolen.


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