Dressing Up Fun for World Book Day

Children in Henley schools enjoyed dressing up in their favourite characters for World Book Day last Thursday.  From Mary Poppins to Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter to Oompa-loompas the colourful costumes were a real sight to be seen.

At Badgemore School, parents joined their children to read a book in the morning which was followed by a sharing assembly and then different reading activities throughout the day.  Headteacher Tim Hoskins said, “Reading is an important skill to learn and we’ve been giving it a big push since the start of the year.

Children and teachers at St Mary’s School all looked like they were ready to go to bed as the school chose for everyone to wear their pyjamas or character onesies for their Wold Book Day.  In keeping with the theme, children enjoyed their favourite bedtime stories plus there was a whole school literary quiz plus Year 6 enjoyed a poetry slam.

Four Rupert House children were lucky to be chosen to speak to Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon during the Heart FM breakfast show, when they provided them with clues for them to guess their book characters.  Headteacher, Mrs Lynas said, “The children spoke really confidently and we were incredibly proud of them.” The school enjoyed an assembly when teachers spoke about their favourite books, actively encouraging the children to give new genres of literature ‘a go’ and encouraged them to go to the Book Swap that was kindly arranged by the Friends of Rupert House parents, Mrs Judge and Mrs Collin. The Prep children enjoyed putting speech into a comic; writing news and school reports; and creating menus in a ‘Book Tasting Dinner’ exercise.  During their French classes, they were encouraged to talk about what they like to read and what their favourite book is.

Classes at Trinity School each focused on one particular book for the week.  Reception class visited the library and other classes are going this week.  As World Book Day saw rain for the day, there were storytelling during breaks and lunchtime at the school.

Gillotts students celebrated World Book Day with a bake sale to raise money for Book Aid International. Students and teachers combined their efforts to bring in homemade cakes and sweet treats, which were devoured during morning break. Pupils who chose to dress up also contributed to the Book Aid charity fund, bringing in £1 each for the chance to don a costume. The English teachers joined in by dressing as famous literary witches, with Headteacher Catharine Darnton transforming into Professor McGonagall. Even for those who didn’t dress up, there were literary-themed activities in a number of lessons throughout the day. Gillotts Librarian Sarah Seddon, who dressed as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, said “By dressing up whatever we’ve got going on, it just makes the day feel fun and festive. And having a cake sale draws people together.”

There were no costumes at Shiplake Primary, the children instead created amazing stories in a jar with incredible small pieces stuck in place inside.

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