Trinity Pupils Learn Mindfulness Skills During Wellbeing Week

Trinity School held a Wellbeing Week last week with a programme of mindfulness activities for all their pupils.

The week started with a visit on Monday from Chris Duke, the author of Lucy’s Blue Day, which tells the story of Lucy’s hair changes colour with her emotions.

The school has recently purchased Jigsaw, a new whole school program for teaching Personal, Social and Health Education.  At the start of the each half term, each class will bring their soft cuddly jigsaw piece to assembly as each topic is introduced to the whole school.  Topics include Being Me, Celebrating Differences, Changing Me, Dreams & Goals, Healthy Me and Relationships through songs, discussions, activities and meditation.

Each class on Wednesday had a yoga lesson with Penny from Tatty Bumpkins Yoga thanks to an education grant from Henley Municipal Charities.  The reception children listened to an adventure to the seaside for their mindfulness part and they learnt different stretches, poses and simple balances.  Pupils in Year 6 had a chair yoga session which showed the children how a chair could be used sitting and standing for yoga.  Penny said, “Ideally yoga should be on the curriculum for mental health.  It provides the children key skills – when you’re in a situation, you can calm yourself.  It is a really important to start at a young age.”

Mrs Williams a Year 5/6 has recently completed her pawsb, Mindfulness In Schools Project (MiSP) training and is now sharing her practice with Year 5 and 6.  Pupil, Ethan said, “The mindfulness sessions help me concentrate on life. Helps me calm down after breaks and lunches.  Really helps all worries to go.”

Year 6 children on Friday had the first of four talks with locally based Henley mentor and coach, Emma-Jane Taylor about self fears and challenges – how can you embrace these to become a success? Help yourself? Help others and own your worries, anxieties and fears?

Deputy Headteacher, Sabrina McMann said, “With the pace and expectations of modern life we felt it was really important to teach the children how to recognise their emotions and how to look after their own well being. The week was a huge success and I hope it is just the start of the positive approach to well being in school.”

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