Gardening Buddies Say Fond Farewell to Jan Who is Moving Away

Henley Gardening Buddies said a fond farewell to Jan Sutton who has been a member for 10+ years today as she is moving to Sussex to be nearer her daughter and father.

Liz Hodgkin who started the Gardening Buddies in 2003 said, “We’re really sad to see Jan go.  We will miss her.”  After presenting Jan with a bouquet of tulips and some gardening gift vouchers, Liz added, “You’ve been absolutely marvellous considering you don’t even live in the town.  The commitment to the town has been amazing and when I was ill you took over the reins and kept everyone going.  Thank you.”

The Gardening Buddies are a volunteer group who help weed, plant, prune and tidy many of the flower beds and pots around the town working with the Council’s Park Services team.

Amongst the Buddies, Jan’s pet name is the ‘Chopper’ as she’s known to be lethal with secateurs – when others are afraid to cut back far, she’s not afraid.   June said, “Jan is very brave in pruning.  She’s never killed anything that she’s asked us to chop down.”  Describing Jan, fellow Buddie Diana said, “Jan is very motivated, enthusiastic, hard working, very organised and always gives good advice.  She also has been transporting all the plants from Toad Hall around the different sites.  We’ll need to now find someone else to do this.”

Jan said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Buddies, even in the rain, and I shall miss your camaraderie intensely. I wish you all well and hope that you continue to keep Henley blooming for years to come.  My favourite site to work on was the herb garden next to the fire station in West Street because lots of people walk past and chat to you about what you were doing and what herbs are in the bed.  I have plans to help my daughter with her garden in Sussex.”

If you have a few spare hours and enjoy gardening and would like to become a Gardening Buddie, please contact us at and we’ll put you in touch.