A Day in the Life of Lucy Wade at ManningUK

Continuing our series of insurance articles from ManningUK, here’s an example of Lucy Wade’s typical day being an Account Handler at ManningUK.

5.30. Woken by my alarm, a leaving present from my very first Insurance role over 25 years ago and still working a treat. I slip into the spare room where my running gear is laid out from the night before for a 5km run.

Whilst out running I think back to my book launch for my first fiction/semi biographical book titled “Escaping Reality” about the traumas of Mental Health including addiction. Has it really been a year ago since I wrote it? I always take this opportunity to say thank you, for giving me the courage, strength, determination and for blessing me with such a wonderful family including my 2 dogs and cat, for my life and my home. I believe gratitude is such an important part of one’s life. All of us have something to be grateful for.

6.30. Breakfast normally consists of either Porridge oats or Bran Flakes with banana, strawberries and blueberries, a small cup of coffee and a pint of water. Then I shower and wash my hair and get dressed in black smart suit. Pack up my lunch I prepared earlier and out of the house by 7.30am to drive to work which takes 40 mins. Listen to Radio 4 on the way.

8.25. Look through my emails and at my To Do List compiled the day before. I prioritise files on my desk and then make myself and a couple of work colleagues a drink, discussing last nights’ events.

9.00. I begin and I reflect on the fact that I have now been with ManningUK for over six months. I love my job. I came out of the Insurance Industry for a few years but it’s like I’ve never been away. We have a Commercial and Automotive team, friendly and professional and it is such a lovely atmosphere to work in. I start working through my emails, it can be a busy and demanding role but I really love the challenge.

10.30 Coffee break and a quick catch up, possibly a meeting or training to attend then back to it. The rest of the morning, I am dealing with either client renewals, a whole remarketing exercise is needed for some of them. Presentations to go to Insurers needs to be updated and then I decide which markets will cater for the client’s needs, before sending. There are also new enquiries to deal with, general enquiries on existing policies, motor and commercial claims and new quotations, I have several hats on today which I really enjoy. On top of that there are those urgent account queries which come along. I spend some time on the telephone, dealing with a complex claim, a flood in a property which is being refurbished and loss adjusters are visiting to view the extent of the damage. The client is eager to hear back and I am waiting for an update from Insurers.

12.30. Lunch time. Well just because I am running, does not mean I can eat all the wrong stuff. Today is hummus, carrot batons, sweet corn, cucumber and tomatoes. I finish with a prune yoghurt and a cereal bar. With half hour to spare I put my coat on and take a quick stroll through Henley; it is such a beautiful place to be. I feel very lucky to have access to so many shops, some boutique, some unique and some antique.

1.30. Ready to complete as many tasks on my To Do List as I can, there is always a timescale or a piece of legislation that needs to be adhered to. I hardly chat now, fully focused, perhaps I need to relax a bit more, maybe too conscientious, good customer service is the priority, no matter what, treat them as you would like to be treated, that is the least I can do.

4pm. Where has the time gone, I am looking at my desk, yes, I am pleased with the day’s events today, but it is not always like that. We are Insurance Brokers, the middlemen, the one that is always doing the negotiating, getting the best for our clients which is not always easy. I think any customer service role has its challenges.

5.00. The office closes, I use this time of day to re-organise myself and prepare my To do List for the following day. I finish any jobs that I can do in the next half hour to forty- five minutes.

5.45 The journey home can be slow, everywhere at the moment seems to be slower because of mobile traffic lights and roadworks. I listen to a CD, today it is Sam Smith. There is something about his voice that I love. I chat to my husband who is making the dinner.

6.30. I love coming through the door where I am greeted by my two dogs, husband and mum. I can smell dinner. I love this time of day. I change and then we sit down for dinner, everyone discusses their day’s events.

7.30. Curl up on the sofa time with my dogs, sometimes we watch a film. My favourite films are Shawshank Redemption and Gladiator. There’s something about Russell Crowe in his roman attire.

10.30. Finish the day by saying a short prayer, saying thank you for another wonderful day. Reset my alarm for 5.30am. Lights out with hubby and dogs all cuddled up, just perfect.

Looking for that personal customer service for your insurance, Lucy will help you find the best quotation for all your insurance needs call 01491 578759 or email Lucy_Wade@manninguk.com


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