Coronavirus – Doctors Surgeries Update on Services & Prescriptions

The local doctors practices are following NHS England and PHE advice on Covid-19 by putting in the following measures:

  1. Full telephone triage to reduce footfall into the surgeries
  2. Essential nursing services only
  3. Prescriptions – all medications on 28 day issue to avoid stockpiling and to ensure continued supply to all patients. No paper prescription requests, encouraging patients to order online via Patient Access. No paper prescription issues, all prescriptions are sent electronically so patients need to nominate a pharmacy if they have not already done so.

The surgeries would like to say a huge thank you to the local pharmacies for all their hard work and also the local dispensing practices and thank you to patients for respecting the safety of our staff by staying away from the surgery when you can and only visiting the surgery if you have specifically been advised to do so by a clinician.

Updates on measures will be posted on surgery websites and social media.

A spokesperson for The Bell Surgery said, “Clearly our action plans are changing on a daily basis at the moment.  We are doing our best to plan ahead for the virus spreading and the impact that will have on demand for our service and also our own workforce.”


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