Rainbows Lift Spirits

Children across the country are being encouraged to paint or draw rainbows and put them up in the windows of their houses to lift the spirits during the coronavirus outbreak, and Henley families are joining in #rainbowtrail.

A log of where you can see the rainbows around Henley is being added to a list hosted on the Henley Mums Facebook group.  The great ones below we photographed can be seen on Park Road, Marmion Road, Deanfield Road, Valley Road and in Joules shop window on the corner of Duke Street.

Lottie Pheasant who put her daughter’s rainbow in the Joules window said, “I put it up whilst trying not to cry! I’ve been with Joules 9 years so it broke my heart to find out we’re closing. But the rainbow is leaving a little bit of happiness (and hopefully a bit of luck!) in the store.”

Children are encouraged to look out for the rainbows when they are going for a walk – perhaps it could be competition in your family to see who sees the most?


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