Fire on Blandy Road on Monday

Henley firefighters were called to a fire on Blandy Road in Henley at 2315 on Monday.

On arriving at the scene the firefighters were faced will a fully developed fire on the side of the road.

Firefighter Michael Clarke said, “On approaching the fire, Crew Manager Gosby noticed the fire involved pallets, bags of rubbish and several large barrels of an unknown substance. With the contents unknown we took extreme caution when fighting the fire as we had to look out for potential fire spread or chemical leak to the environment.”

Firefighters Clarke Rogers brought the fire under control whilst Watch Manager Herrington and CM Gosby spoke with an HMEPA (Hazardous Materials Environment Protection Advisor). After confirming the barrels contained a non hazardous liquid the firefighters went ahead and fully dampened down and tidy up the scene and left the scene with the knowledge that there would be no further damage to the environment or members of the public.

Michael added, “We wish to thank the member of public who rang 999 when they saw the fire and to remind people that if they see, hear or smell something that looks like burning, ring 999 straight away as the gentleman did on Monday.”


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