Cook Donates Meals to Elderly & Vulnerable

Cook in Duke Street have been donating frozen meals to the elderly and vulnerable people in Henley over the last couple of weeks since the coronavirus outbreak.

Dave Eggleton has collected the 12/15 meals at time which have included lamb hot pot, shepherds pie and beef stroganoff and has taken them initially to the Over 60s club which is temporarily closed for them to distribute them to their elderly members.

Dave who helps with the Henley Food Bank said, “We wanted to be able to offer these frozen meals to others who are need at the moment but didn’t have anywhere to store them.  Thanks to a kind donation from Wilkins of Henley and an appeal by Henley Lions to find another, we now have three.  I’ve also set up food bank donation baskets now in Sainsburys and at the One Stop shop at the Top Shops on Greys Road.  I urge people to think about other people and if you can afford it, please put another item in your shopping basket/trolley for the food bank and drop it in the basket on the way out.”

Henley food bank is in urgent need of pasta, tinned meat products and longlife milk.

Ian Tritton from Henley Lions said, “We put an appeal out to various groups for a freezer. We also attempted to purchase one only to find suppliers have none in stock. Lions President David Skinner’s daughter in-law’s parent group had a response from a Sonning Common lady and a freezer was donated by her parents. I circulated my 41 Club (ex Henley Round Table members) and a member donated one too.”

Melanie, Manager at Cook said, “In these difficult and unprecedented times, we want to support the vulnerable and elderly in the local community and hope that people enjoy their Cook meals.”


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