Henley Watchmaker Offers Government Help With Building Ventilators

Henley luxury watchmaker Bremont have offered the UK Government help with building ventilators for NHS hospitals to help critically-ill patients with Covid-19.

The government is trying to source 30,000 ventilators for the NHS and this week the defence firm Babcock joined the engineering company Dyson on Thursday in revealing plans for an entirely new medical ventilator working to specifications set by the government. A consortium called Ventilator Challenge UK, involving companies including Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Ford, is also helping to scale up production of proven models already made by the specialist UK firms Smiths and Penlon.

Co Founder, Nick English said, “Bremont has worked tirelessly, and invested huge sums of money, into developing unrivalled watch manufacturing capabilities in the UK. At this moment in time, we see this as our duty and an opportunity to use Bremont’s capabilities to help with manufacturing parts for much needed ventilators in this country.”

“Bremont has put a bid in to government to offer our services in this way, if and when required. We are yet to hear back but would welcome the opportunity to help our great nation in any way we can at this particularly distressing time. Mechanical watchmaking is micro-engineering that sees us machine movement and watch components to a couple of microns tolerance (a human hair would be around 80 to put that into perspective). With this in mind, we believe our machinery could certainly be put to good use.”


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