Mayor Joins Hundreds of Residents for NHS Applause

At 8pm last night, the roads were all quiet but the sound of applause for the NHS workers could be heard around the streets in Henley.  Some waved flags, some raised a glass, others banged saucepans so that they could be heard and everyone clapped along with millions around the UK for this national salute to those on the front line of this awful pandemic.

Henley Mayor, Councillor Ken Arlett and his wife Dorothy joined in at their home in Elizabeth Road.  Ken said, “The NHS workers are doing such a brilliant due to the unknown factors of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is only at times like this that the general public realise how doctors, nurses and key workers put their lives at risk.  Over the years I have always been a great supporter of the NHS and I have never known understood why people complain. I am sure in the future, people will now understand what a fantastic the NHS do for us all under very difficult circumstances. Last night standing outside with hundreds of other residents was a truly humbling experience. May we continue this through such a torrid time.”

Pippa who lives on Nicholas Road who during the last few years her and her family have needed the wonderful support of the NHS.  She has MS and has had breast cancer, her husband had a brain hemorrhage in 2001 and was taken to the John Radcliffe (JR) in Oxford and her son, aged just 13 suffered a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and had to be airlifted from Wexham Park in Slough to JR in Oxford.  After two lots of surgery plus laser treatment, Pippa is very grateful to the NHS for saving her young son’s life, the incredible support and what they could do for him.  Thanks to the treatment he has lost partial amount of peripheral vision and is now able to drive.   She says, “It’s not’s just the support of everyone in the NHS it is the dedication and knowledge that they all have, whether that is just the nurse on the ward (she has a lot of knowledge) they are all so crucial.  They have been the support system through all my crisis, there’s always someone putting their arms around you and explaining what is happening and that was so fantastic.”

This wonderful video captures the mood of residents in Marmion Road made by local videographer Marco Barcella

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