Funny Family Vlog in Isolation

The Campbell family from Henley have been making a vlog about coping with being in self-isolation due to the coronavirus called the Campbell Corona Diaries.

Dad, Campo runs The Creative who produce videos, photography and animation for big brands and is married to Katie who is a teacher.  They have three young children Tatty (6), Kiki (4) and Indie (2).  The family have been isolation since Sunday 15 March.

Campo said, “The reason we’ve started vlogging about the experience is that I make films for a living and when I realised we were going to be in lockdown I figured that using my creativity to tell our family story would number 1 keep me sane and number 2 perhaps connect with other families going through the same.”

The vlog diaries show Katie and the children doing PE with Joe Wicks, bath time, home-schooling and lots of other activities.  The star of the vlog is Indie who loves to interrupt Campo whilst he is trying to work!  Katie loves a glass or two of wine and gives great tips on home-schooling, “Don’t put pressure on yourself, they will learn from everything they do.  Keep the school work to 30 min chunks.”

There’s plenty of challenges with home-working and home-schooling Campo comments, “Working out how to make each day feel different and working from home with 3 kids often wanting your attention.  There’s some great positives though.  Love spending time with the kids. Very lucky that Katie my wife is a school teacher so the home schooling bit is perhaps a little less challenging than some others are experiencing. The way the community has rallied around has been remarkable. When we were isolation ahead of everyone else we received care packages every single day.”

The funny Campbell Corona Diaries has 7 episodes and are available to view via instagram at @campolatta

Episode 11 can be viewed below