Henley Quiz 1

With boredom probably setting in for many at the start of second week of lockdown, we thought we’d bring you a weekly Henley themed family quiz with a prize from one of our great Henley businesses to keep our readers amused.  This week the prize will be a cute fluffy Easter Bunny from Asquiths Teddy Bear shop on New Street.

  1. Name 3 Henley roads that begin with the letter W – Wilson Avenue, Western Road, Wootton Road, Walton Avenue, Waterman’s Road, West Street
  2. What is the name of the oldest teddy bear UK manufacturer?  Merrythought
  3. What 3 five letter words can you make out of the word ROWING?  Grown, Wring, Groin, Wrong
  4. In June 2016, which Olympian officially opened the new building at Badgemore School? MarkHunter
  5. Who is the rector at Holy Trinity Church? Duncan Carter
  6. What former shop traded immediately before in the shop Sainsburys now occupies? Woolworths
  7. Lionel Richie performed in which year at the Henley Festival? 2015
  8. How many Councillors sit on Henley Town Council? 16
  9. Who did the famous Mary Blandy poison? Her Father, Francis
  10. Where is this door?  Between Gravel Hill and Milton Close

Send your answers to news@henleyherald.com with your name, address and phone number by Monday 6 April at 5pm.

The winner is Nikki Hunter.



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