Looking for New Ideas to Challenge Your Children to Help Climate Change?

With parents getting used to home-schooling and looking at ways to amuse their children during the lock down, Young Climate Warriors which was launched last March by Katrina Judge from Henley has got lots of fun, weekly challenges, that help children tackle climate change.

Katrina said, “The challenges will continue during the Easter holidays and throughout the time that schools are closed.  We hope the Young Climate Warriors challenges will provide an engaging and fun activity, with a really positive purpose, that children can undertake whilst they are at home.”

In the past year 1,000 children around the UK have signed up to be Young Climate Warriors, cutting carbon emissions and harnessing the power of collective action – working together as a ‘virtual’ team to respond to climate change.

Past challenges have included – hiding the cling-film, reducing water-usage, walking more, cooking with pulses instead of red meat and becoming a ‘light zapper’.

A Year 6 pupil from Sacred Heart School in Henley said, “My favourite challenge was the beans and pulses one – it encouraged me to try something new.”

Over 50 teachers have signed up to encourage their pupils to become Young Climate Warriors.  They receive the free weekly schools’ pack, which includes simple resources to introduce the weekly challenges, for children to then undertake at home.

Families can sign up to receive the FREE weekly challenge direct by email using this link: https://www.youngclimatewarriors.org/youngclimatewarriorssubscribe