No Snow For Graham Bell – No Worries He’s Skiing Downstairs at Home

Henley resident, Olympic skier and BBC Snow Sunday presenter Graham Bell is stuck at home like the rest of the UK and is rather missing the challenging ski slopes of the Alps and the World Cup tour so he decided to do a mad ski challenge inside his home!

The video above shows Graham starting his ski run in the attic of his home, down the loft ladder, then down two further staircases including one that spirals at the end!  Wearing a head cam to record it, he also commentates all the way down too!

Graham said, “I got the idea after watching lots of skateboarding at home videos on Instagram.  I was due to be covering skateboarding for the Olympic channel in Tokyo 2020, but make that Tokyo 2021 now. I have a chair in the back garden made on old skis cut in half, so I mounted a pair of bindings onto the shortest pair and blunted the edges off with an angle grinder and sandpaper.”

Graham comments at the start of the video that “This is the legendary Hausenkamm, the most challenging course of the World Cup tour.”  The drop from the attic was 2.5 metres down a wooden loft ladder.  Did he have any practice runs?  Graham commented, “Yes I did a few practice runs and even put a climbing rope up so that I could control my speed on some of the sections.  I’m very aware that getting hurt right now would be pretty stupid and selfish, so I made sure I did not take any risk.  It’s the same as when I’m out cycling right now, I don’t think I have ever descended as slowly or carefully.”

Graham’s wife Sarah and son Louis are seen at the end of video doing some unexpressed clapping in their kitchen.  What did Sarah think about Graham’s mad challenge?  Graham replied, “Sarah’s only stipulation was clear up the mess afterwards and don’t damage the carpet!”  Their daughter, Lottie didn’t seemed too impressed but in the end the only thing Graham broke was Lottie’s plastic cup!”

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