Zzoomm Gives Free Upgrade During Lockdown

Zzoomm are now pushing ahead with installing fast full-fibre broadband in the centre of town during the lockdown in line with government guidelines.

The build teams are continuing their progress, in conjunction with the local council, on the roads of Henley-on-Thames. Significant build schedule changes are bringing completion dates forward and they anticipate completing the work faster than expected.

To show support to the residents of Henley in this time of lockdown and to show support for the past months they have been in Henley, Zzoomm are providing all their customers, and any new customers with a FREE upgrade to their WHOOSH! 900 Mbps average download speed package.

This package is provided free of charge for April, May and June and in addition they are providing them with the same upload speed.

Josh Greedy, Head of Marketing at Zzoomm said, “The package is normally worth £99 per month but we are giving it as a free upgrade on any package a customer has or orders during this time.”

For more details go to www.zzoomm.com


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