Peppard Lane Bridleway Re-Opened

The section of the Peppard Lane bridleway that runs from Gillotts Lane to Blandy Road has been reopened after most of it has been resurfaced with a new porous 2m wide surface.  Due to the Government’s announcement that stopped all but essential work because of the coronavirus outbreak, there is a small area at the Gillotts Lane end to be finished and some touching up at the end near Blandy Road.

The work has been financed by Crest Nicholson who have built Highlands Park and was part of their planning application to improve pedestrian routes from the development on Greys Road.  Originally the work was stopped in October after Henley Town Council learnt that normal tarmac was going to used for the surface.  Residents were very concerned that this would destroy the natural pathway and they complained to Henley Town Council and asked why there wasn’t a public consultation.  The British Horse Society were then also asked for their opinion on the tarmac surface.

The pathway has been fitted by KBI Sustainable Porous Paving Solutions.  We met Peter Bevan this afternoon surveying the work and he told us that “we’ve kept the cutting back of the woodland to a minimum and around 5,000 old car tyres have been recycled and used on the new pathway.”

We met a number of people enjoying the new surface who were out on their daily exercise walk during the coronavirus lockdown.  The surface has a great look and feel to it and it’s good to hear that it has a great carbon footprint too!