David Plays Easter Bunny Thanks to Donation

David Eggleton is continuing to help deliver food parcels around Henley this week but has also been delivering flowers given by Waitrose to Townlands hospital staff and Easter eggs given to him by WH Smith.

David said, “I’m getting calls with offers of all sorts of things which is great.  The Easter eggs filled up half the van.  We took a lot of Lindt bunnies to Chilterns Court Care Centre and Townlands and then I’ve been adding an egg or bunny to the food parcels too or just leaving them outside people’s doors all around Henley.  People are probably wondering where they have come from!  It’s lovely to be playing the Easter bunny in these difficult times.”

Henley Food bank is still needing lots of donations, there are baskets in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys and One Stop at the Top Shops on Greys Road.


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